Cook Strummer delivers the latest ‘Berlin Gets Physical’ album featuring a wealth of new music tied to the city.

This collection will come digitally but also as two different vinyl versions – one will be available publicly, the other is a special edition produced together with the Belgian gallery, Mazel Galerie. The cover art for it was designed by Lyon-based street artist, Brusk and the original will be auctioned by the same gallery in Brussels.

Berlin-based, Belgium-born Strummer has been a Get Physical associate for several years. He has dropped various singles including the standout ‘Rising’ which also featured on the Words Don’t Come Easy series, and always crafts the perfect mix of rhythm and melody with plenty of hints of his homeland’s famous cold wave sound. He often uses his own voice, drum machines, synths and guitars in his music, and since his debut album in 2018 on LOK Recordings, he has had high profile support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Adam Port and Ame. This summer, he dropped ‘Atmosphere’ on Obsolet Records which proved another successful outing and now Berlin Gets Physical finds him digging deep into the famous city’s freshest and most essential house sounds across 15 well-sequenced tracks.

His own new offering ‘For Berlin’ kicks off with a dark and edgy vibe, gothic vocals and tense drums. Glitchy hits and blurting synths add to the prickly atmosphere and immediately lock you in while Los Cabra & Manuel Sahagun’s ‘Italian Groove’ then takes off on waves of serrated dark disco synths and Freudenthal feat. Nowhere People continue that macho disco vibe with the rugged chug and cosmic rays of ‘Cipher.’

The twinkling ‘Bad Karma’ by Marvin Jam & Le Mythe then allows you to catch your breath with a slower, more spacious dub disco sound and the twanging bass riffs and exotic effects of Daniel Jaeger & Valenti’s ‘Quarantine Cowboys’ rebuilds the atmosphere with some innovative house blues. The mid-section brings brain-frying synth work on ‘Out Of The Blue’, bubbling dub house and disco courtesy of dramasquad’s sprawling ‘ziggy’ and percussive deep house looseness from ‘Abayomi.’

After KEENE’s rubbery and rolling Afro sounds comes more cosmic house richness from Dan Buri and Max Joni & MUKKIMIAU, the driving tech of Red Pig Flower & Lulla and heady sounds of Mike Book. There is a raw house heaviness to FreedomB’s ‘State of Shock’ and things shut down with Electronic Elephant’s tightly coiled minimal drum funk on ‘Ask Yourself’.

This on point collection is an authentic snapshot of the contemporary underground sound of the Berlin.

There is a vinyl version of the album created in collaboration with Mazel Galerie in Brussels and designed by artist Brusk, this is available to pre-order now using the link below.

Release Date: 23-09-2022


01 Cook Strummer – For Berlin
02 Los Cabra & Manuel Sahagun – Italian Groove
03 Freudenthal feat. Nowhere People – Cipher
04 Marvin Jam & Le Mythe – Bad Karma
05 Daniel Jaeger & Valenti – Quarantine Cowboys
06 Air Horse One – Out Of The Blue
07 dramasquad – ziggy
08 Abayomi – Juba
09 KEENE – Ecoute
10 Dan Buri – Zion
11 Max Joni & MUKKIMIAU – Everafter
12 Red Pig Flower & Lulla – Radioactive
13 Mike Book – Ready To Go
14 FreedomB – State of Shock
15 Electronic Elephant – Ask Yourself