Cormac brings the heat with new EP by the Greek duo Boys‘ Shorts on his Polari imprint

Cormac brings the heat into the new year with a brand new EP on his Polari imprint, this time coming from Greek DJ/production duo,  Boys‘ Shorts.

Boys’ Shorts is a Greek DJ/production duo based in London. The duo was founded by Vangelis (ex-LAGASTA) and Tareq. 

The Crop Tops EP‘s title track is a lyrical ode to queer dancefloor longing and is already proving to be a much requested hit.‘Days Without You‘ and ‘Nostalgia‘ compliment each other with a laidback emotional warmth, whilst ‘In The City‘ draws on their rave culture roots. The EP displays an expansive and clever musical world.

Cormac on the EP:

Boys‘ Shorts are two talented greek queers, whose music I’ve been playing for the last few years. I love their use of lyrics , their nods to rave and 90s music culture. It’s truly a great thing to showcase them at their pop sensibility finest with the Crop Tops EP. All of these tracks have been heavily ID requested in my sets the last year.

Forthcoming EP Crop Tops is due to be released digitally, 17th of February.

artist Boys‘ Shorts
title Crop Tops
label Polari
date 17th February
format digital
cat POL013

1. Crop Tops
2. In The City
3. Days Without You
4. Nostalgia