CRISP&CLASSY channel queer club culture on ‘Boom Bay (Kat Knix remix)

New remix EP ‘The XTRA CRISPY Remixes’ due June 2022

Featuring EVEHIVE, Lizette Lizette, Arnie Wrong, High Cheru and Kat Knix

 Kat Knix, the fishy half of CRISP&CLASSY, has captured the imaginations of the dance music scene in Europe with her dark, rocky vocals and mouth watering synths since 2011. Following her acclaimed DJ set at the VIP premiere of one of Sweden’s’ biggest arenas she’s also gone on to conquer London, Stockholm and Berlin as a live artist, DJ and Producer.

In 2014 she hit the ground running with a remix of The Knife’s track, ’Without You My Life Would Be Boring’ which is featured on The Knife’s own remix album on Rabid Records. Her in demand production skills see her pulsating rhythms and grinding electronic riffs set on a course to strike at the heart of the international electronic music scene.

Kat decided to take ‘Boom Bay’ under her wings and remix the hell out of it! She says: “my interpretation of the original track takes you to the loungy, yet sassy gay clubs that in the later hours turns into a full on dance floor. This remix is an intriguing twist between deep house, world music and nasty electronic dark pop.”

With this remix, Kat has stayed true to the holy C&C spirit, while adding some extra oomph with a vogue friendly kick pattern, accompanied by a horny staccato flute and chopped up vocal samples taking you to the ends of the world.


Kat Knix (SWE) and Plushy (ROM) started CRISP&CLASSY in 2018, after experiencing East London’s gritty, flamboyant and diverse nightlife together for several years. 

Made of two 90’s kids, CRISP&CLASSY naturally carries a twisted 90’s sound. Inspired by pop royalty like Janet Jackson and Madonna, the eclectic C&C electronic hyper pop sound along with their honest yet explicit lyrics is like dripping seamen over a cherry! CRISP&CLASSY is the dose of sexual liberation every pre-drinks, party and hangover day needs.

Following their debut single ‘Suffocate’ in 2019, C&C have since hit the London electronic music scene with eccentric performances at iconic London venues like The Glory, The Old Blue Last, Netil House and The Social.

Their gender and genre bending ‘XTRA CRISPY’ Album arrived on 15/10/2021 with a delicious mix between New York House synths, Reggaeton beats and sassy bass lines. 

C&C are now proudly releasing the ‘XTRA CRISPY Remixes’, by joining forces with an all female/non binary/queer force of music makers; all hand picked by C&C themselves.

C&C keeps their promise of working towards an all inclusive music industry, and spreading the message of self love and unlimited self expression. No matter where you come from or who you love, you are always welcome in the CRISP&CLASSY World. 

Get ready for another gender and genre bending experience; from Rio De Janeiro to London and Stockholm, from the jungle to the video games, from playful melodies to hardcore bass lines.

Boom Bay (Kat Knix remix) / 27th May