Culture Code Crafts Gripping Rocktronic Pop Punk Ballad “Rest of My Life” ft. Medyk on Lost In Dreams

The UK duo unites with anonymous singer-songwriter Medyk for a gripping rocktronic single.

UK-based production duo Culture Code make their return to Lost In Dreams alongside anonymous singer-songwriter Medyk. “Rest Of My Life” balances pop-punk inspiration with melodic bass for a gripping electronic ballad. The new single serves as an immediate follow-up to Culture Code’s “Gone Too Long,” which recently served as their debut on the label.   

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“Rest Of My Life” is an emotionally charged work that brings out the best of its creators. Medyk’s vocals guide listeners through a journey filled with heartache. With a delivery that drifts between forlorn and angsty, the singer-songwriter pulls at our heartstrings as she bares a piece of her soul. The icy chords and chilling low-end offer a restrained sound palette that gradually crescendos into an explosive eruption of emotion. Distorted power chords, squealing guitar harmonics, and punchy percussion score the dynamic rocktronic drops, resulting in a cathartic release. The combination of heartfelt haunting vocals and masterful scoring come together to create a deeply cinematic ode to lost love.  

Culture Code expresses their excitement to be working with the label, saying, “We are so STOKED to have a song with Lost In Dreams, some of our favorite releases to date are on this label. And ever since I attended EDC UK some years ago, it’s been a dream to work with them!”

Culture Code is a UK-based production duo with over a decade of experience in the industry. The pair are renowned for their ability to explore genres, working across melodic bass, progressive house, melodic dubstep, and future bass. Their impressive discography includes remixes for heavyweights such as the Chainsmokers, Galantis, ARMNHMR, and MitiS, as well as the breakout original “Make Me Move” alongside Karra, which has amassed over 45 million streams. 

Medyk is a mysterious singer-songwriter who has chosen to let her music speak for itself. First landing on Lost In Dreams with a collaboration alongside Synymata, “Hate To Be,” which drew support from Illenium’s Phoenix Radio show and beyond. She’s collaborated with a number of top-tier artists, including ARMNHMR, DNMO, Fells, and ELUDE. Her latest single builds upon the chemistry between Medyk and Culture Code found in their recent collaboration “Lost.”

Part melodic bass ballad, part pop-punk thrasher, Culture Code and Medyk’s “Rest Of My Life” is pure emotion. 

Culture Code’s new single “Rest Of My Life” featuring Medyk is available on all platforms via Lost In Dreams Records.

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Lost In Dreams is the latest vision to come to life from Insomniac, dedicated to creating a surreal experience across its label, festival, and events series. Powered by Insomniac Music Group and fueled by unfettered imagination, the brand aims to blur the lines between fantasy and reality, while showcasing an array of cutting-edge talent from the genres of future bass, melodic dubstep, and vocal-driven dance music. Since first taking shape at the start of 2021, Lost In Dreams Records has championed a host of boundary-pushing artists including Kaivon, Crystal Skies, Haywyre, Danny Olson, Highlnd, and more. During Labor Day weekend, the inaugural Lost In Dreams festival took over the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center for a three-stage soiree filled with sights and sounds sourced straight from your wildest fantasy.

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