CUTLIST displays his celestial, ambient soundscapes on debut single Generator!

Hailing from Dundee, Scotland, CUTLIST is a producer who creates a brand of ambient, downtempo techno that envelopes the listener into his own, unique world.

Generator is CUTLIST’s debut single. Taken from debut album, Almanac, the track encapsulates the cerebral sound CUTLIST has cultivated over an eight track record. Building slowly from the first beat, Generator is a textured, poignant piece of electronica, meditative and autumnal in its approach.

Experimenting with celestial soundscapes, CUTLIST expertly creates a tense, trippy experience through his hypnotic use of synthesisers, programmed drums and guitar.

The project is influenced by a variety of artists and genres ranging from ambient styles to hip-hop and prog, combining to create a sound akin to Peel Session-era Boards of Canada.

CUTLIST was born during lockdown when tattoo artist, Graham Cameron, realised his goal of finally producing and releasing the music he has always craved. With an aim of taking the listener on a journey by exploring feelings of unease and tension, CUTLIST has compiled a collection of songs both challenging and eminently listenable.

Generator is out now and is taken from the debut album, Almanac, due for release on 28th October 2022.