Cyclops ‘UV’ Gud Vibrations

The producer offers up the first salvo from his forthcoming EP on NGHTMRE and SLANDER’s imprint. 

Cyclops is beaming down a radioactive dubstep single called “UV,” as the first glimpse into his forthcoming EP on Gud Vibrations. 

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The latest debutante swelling the ranks of NGHTMRE and SLANDER’s revered imprint is one of the finest bass music names the Boston area has to offer. Cyclops is the artist in question, and the forward-thinking artist is transmitting a ray of brain-scrambling bottom-end on his first appearance for the heavyweight crew. Not holding back on any of that singular sound design that has put him leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, his latest concoction ticks all the boxes of a dome-cracking cut guaranteed to have heads heaving with each blast from the big rig. 

Coming in at a cunning three-minutes-and-some-change, “UV” finds its nutty flow on a wavelength that is entirely his own. Opening with thudding drums and grim strings loaded with suspense, the tension quickly breaks off into booming oblivion through the onset of chirpy stabs springing above barreling bass and humming oscillations. The combination of dire, desert-blowing melodies with the tweaked-out apocalyptic groove results in a wonky number that is set to blow up faster than the speed of light. 

“‘UV’ was written during the middle of the pandemic,” says Cyclops. “I was doing lots of experimenting at the time and fell upon this gritty bass sound that quickly became part of the main idea. For ‘UV,’ I wanted to create something that was rhythmic and bouncy but also had some heaviness to it, as well. It’s been one of my most supported songs for the past year and I’m stoked for it to finally be out! I’m really excited to be putting out ‘UV’ with Gud Vibrations and can’t wait for everyone to hear the rest of the EP coming real soon!”

Judging by the screwy, skin-searing lean powering up Cyclop’s new single “UV,” there’s lots to be excited about for when the full package comes into the picture.

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