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Da Chick drops funk soul infused video for ‘Do Your Thang’

Da Chick  'Do Your Thang' ile ilgili görsel sonucu"

“Cheers to this authentic babe, may she rise and shine on, encouraging us all to do the same.” – Girls Are Awesome

“Future soul grooves” – i-DJ Magazine

‘do your thang’ to precede the release of Da Chick’s new album ‘conversaons with the beat’ marks Da Chick’s return and her first full length album release since 2015’s ‘Chick to Chick’. ‘do your thang’ is the third song taken from her latest release, set for release on February 28th next year, on Discotexas.

After ‘conversaons/watch me go’, which were presented to the world in October, Da Chick connues to take us with her on the process of discovering a new identy, where the mirror ball is le behind.

“I was laying down in my bed on a random aernoon, quesoning my life, my roune, and why was I taking so much me thinking about it instead of doing something. So I literally stood up and start singing “you goa do your thang… so get up!” It’s an intervenon song to myself, it’s my inner movaon voice that somemes yells at me and keeps me acve. It’s a song about how important it is to just do you, try you”, she explains.

‘conversaons with the beat’, the name of the next and very special album, marks some important news in her career starng with the fact that it is the first record in which the arst takes over all the producon and compo- sion, the result of a process of self-discovery which she embarked on last year.

All of this comes off the back of a busy touring schedule and four years since her last album release with ‘Chick to Chick’ back in the summer of 2015. The intervening me saw her release the ‘Call Me Foxy EP’, also through Discotexas, to rave reviews both at home and beyond marking her most popular release to date. Last year she resurfaced with a fresh collaboraon in the form of ‘Drinks Promise Beer’ with Mirror People.

‘do your thang’ is another example that Da Chick was not afraid to get lost in the noisy nooks to which the “con- versaons” referred to in the album’s tle led her. “Da Chick can be anything I want and right now I’m going through a more chill phase, more experimental, less disco and pop, more hip hop with dub touches… above all I want to let the music breath as long as it takes…”, Da Chick connues.

With her laptop, guitar, keyboards, drum machines and effects, Da Chick designed a new soundscape which explores in intuive ways, less concerned with the tradional structure of a song, but interested in focusing on emoons and powerful messages that flow into the melodies, flowing smooth and freely. Live, the singer wants to have bass, trumpet and percussion by her side, taking on some instruments herself, trying to take us on another kind of trip.