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Da Chick drops funky nu-disco video for ‘conversations / watch me go’

Da Chick drops funky nu-disco video for 'conversations / watch me go' ile ilgili görsel sonucu"

Da Chick readies herself to reveal to the world “conversations with the beat”, a new and very special album marking a turning point in her career wich starts with the important fact that it is the first record in which the artist herself takes over all of it’s production and composition, resulting in a process of self-discovery which she has been engaged in since last year.

It is the artist herself who assures that “conversations with the beat” goes very different ways: “Da Chick can be anything I want and right now I’m going through a more chill, experimental, less disco and pop, more hip hop and dub sounds phase. Above all I want to let the music bread as long as it takes.” The abundance of genres in Da Chick’s speech indicates that she wasn’t afraid of loosing herself in the sound corners that these “conversations” referenced in the title led to.

With her laptop, guitar, keyboards, drum machines and effects, Da Chick designed a new soundscape which explores in intuitive ways, less concerned with the traditional structure of a song, but interested in focusing on emotions and powerful messages that flow into the melodies, flowing smooth and freely. Live, the singer wants to have bass, trumpet and percussion by her side, taking on some instruments herself, trying to take us on another kind of trip. Behind the mirror ball and the dance routines, the visual exploration is conceptual and carried out in partnership with Arlindo Camacho (photography) and Constança Entrudo (textile designer).

The first sample of this new chapter is the double single “Conversations”/”Watch Me Go”, material that was conceived in Los Angeles, during a stay that the artist had there, and was finished and produced in Lisbon, at her new home/studio. “This is me looking for freedom”, she says. The revolution, we all know, will not be on television. But it may very well be heard on our headphones.


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