Dada Life Prepares To Set Sail On Groove Cruise: Here’s What You Need

Dada Life Prepares To Set Sail On Groove Cruise: Here’s What You Need

As much fun as October’s Groove Cruise out of Los Angeles was, I really can’t wait for this month’s Miami edition.

Falling in between Holy Ship!’s January and February sailings, Groove Cruise is a beast of its own, considering it was really the first electronic cruise available. 2013 was the cruise’s first Los Angeles sailing, and the first-ever west coast sailing of its kind! But Miami is still the reigning king of festival cruises, so let’s focus on that for a second.

The Miami sailing is destined for Jamaica with headlining sets from Markus Schulz, Dash Berlin and Dada Life, sure to be exciting. And it’s not sold out yet! Rooms are still available, find all information here:

In anticipation of the cruise, we’ve had Dada Life give us their essentials for a successful Groove Cruise, including packing list and playlist.

Dada Life Groove Cruise Packing Guide

Because you want to smell like synthetic tropical paradise.

Pool float
Because you might need to leave the party early.

Because listening to music is all about being with fun people.

Huge pink sombrero
Because it’s more fun to stand out in the crowd.

Rubber duck
Because it’s your best friend when your friends are wasted.

Map of the boat
Because you will get lost in Dada Land.

Because they’re yellow and look amazing.

Because toes deserve freedom too.

In addition to a packing list, they’ve also provided a pretty awesome playlist to get you pumped up for the voyage! Listen to the 10 tracks in the playlist below while you’re packing for the ultimate pairing. The two have also just recently finished up their Best Of 2015 mix, which you can find below the playlist.

We’re not done yet… we also have a great interview from Dada Life! Check that out below.

What’s the hardest part of running a monthly radio show? Finding the tracks? Putting aside the time to mix?

Dada Life: We have a folder where we put the tracks we like during the month. We always end up doing the mix the last day. But that ensures it’s absolute fresh! Who wants to eat opened chocolate?

So many people do their own version of a radio show, or podcast. How would you describe yours to someone who’s never heard one before?

Dada Life: Music that is heard in Dada Land. We promise it will put a smile on your face!

What inspired you to start the radio show in January 2014 and make it a monthly thing?

Dada Life: Since our time is limited we can’t tour the world all the time. So we wanted a place here people can close their eyes and be in Dada Land. It’s also a good place for us to talk to our fans, answer questions etc.

Do you guys switch off month to month between one of you mixing or finding the tracks?

Dada Life: It’s all done in pure chaos.

You’re headlining Groove Cruise in just a couple weeks. Have you ever done a cruise ship festival before?

Dada Life: We’ve never done a cruise ship festival before! It will be a good opportunity to spend a lot of time with our citizens. And we have some fun surprises in store that we’ve never done before.

Are you excited for Groove Cruise!?

Dada Life: We are beyond excited. Fun stuff will happen! Dada Land taking over the high seas! If you don’t leave the boat ugly, we have not succeeded!