Damon Sharpe goes through the highs and lows of fame in his new video for ’15 Minutes’

The video for Damon Sharpe’s “15 Minutes” hits close to home. Though he’s a Grammy Award-winning producer and a DJ who signed with Armada last year, there was a point in time when he wasn’t so established – and he wasn’t so humble. “The video concept itself is loosely based on my early career chapter,” he tells HollywoodLife. The video – which features cameos from The Martinez Twins and Mario Lopez – sees Damon desperate for the first taste of success — of fame. After achieving it through some strategic viral marketing – emphasis on the “viral” –  the stardom goes to Damon’s head.

As they say, what comes up, must come down, and as depicted in the “15 Minutes” video, Damon’s time as the hot new thing ends as quickly as it began. However, the video doesn’t bring back painful memories, as he tells he’s “so grateful I have had that experience” because it taught him a valuable lesson. “It instilled humility and work ethic into me that I apply to my life every day!” Haven’t watched the video yet? Make sure to check it out HERE.