Danny Olson and Highlnd Unite on Life-Affirming Melodic Bass Collab “Not Letting Go” ft. Micah Martin for Lost In Dreams

Danny Olson and Highlnd converge on their first-ever co-produced track together, “Not Letting Go,” featuring lauded singer-songwriter Micah Martin, joining forces on an invigorating melodic bass single issued on the ever-expanding Lost In Dreams imprint. 

As champions of heart-touching electronic music, L.A-based Danny Olson and fellow Angeleno Highlnd have proven they both have a hardline running straight into dance music’s collective amygdala. The two envelope-pushing producers have each hijacked the emotional cortex of the brain a handful of times for Lost In Dreams, and they are now compounding their strengths on a long-awaited collab. Joined by Micah Martin, another familiar face from the burgeoning label, their newest creation is a triple-pronged effort that is about to cement its unshakeable hold over the festival scene. 

True to form, “Not Letting Go” grabs the listener with its vise grip and stays locked into place until all the song’s vigorous feelings have run their course. Micah Martin belts from the bottom of his soul, building from a soft croon to his signature power yelling, as he emphasizes the importance of seizing the moment. His steadfast commitment to live life to the fullest is echoed by a carefully calculated crescendo. Smooth guitar licks work in unison with a delicate kick-, snare- and hat-combo, eventually becoming overpowered by a burst of shock-inducing synth swells. The ebullient progressions are filled with a contagious enthusiasm, a feeling that sticks around long after the closing chords wind down to a blissful silence. 

“‘Not Letting Go’ feels like a very anthemic track to me,” says Highlnd. “It’s essentially about promising yourself to not let life pass you by anymore. The euphoric, hard-hitting production felt appropriate for the theme and energy of the song, which falls seamlessly in line with the Lost In Dreams brand.”

Originally born in Chicago but currently operating out of Los Angeles, Danny Olson is a classically trained musician who proudly cycles between the roles of composer, producer, and live performer. His experience scoring films has tinted his immersive productions with a cinematic quality, a characteristic he wears like a badge of honor. In April, Danny released his most ambitious project to date, a five-track masterpiece that he lovingly dubbed as his ‘Club Cinema’ EP. Last year, he graced Lost In Dreams on three separate occasions, including his Crystal Skies collab “Like Water,” the gushing “Undertow” song with Bebi and Tyler Graves, and most recently on the scorching single “Melting” alongside yetep and singer EASAE. 

Highlnd is no stranger to the Lost In Dreams family, either. The fast-rising producer has become a prominent figure for the label. Known for manipulating elements of alt rock, emo, and pop, he has taken melodic bass fans to the proverbial mountaintop with captivating creations that possess an orchestral charm. Last year, he slowly pieced together his four-track ‘Patterns’ EP, which saw him teaming up with an all-star cast of singers including Zack Gray, Elle Vee, Misdom and Drowsy. A few months ago, he followed up the effort with another Drowsy-assisted outing, “Save Me,” a rocktronic bit written about finding oneself beyond the point of redemption. 

Finally, Micah Martin has established himself as one of the most sought-after names in electronic music. His discography is crawling with top-tier talent, having been recruited by heavy-hitters such as William Black, Jauz, Bear Grillz, ARMNHMR, Ghastly, Whales, Fairlane, and more. Crystal Skies tapped him for, not one, but two contributions to their debut artist album, ‘Not Since When,’ first hopping on their “All To You” collab with Fairlane, and then reconnecting on the life-affirming track “We Got It.” 

With such an encouraging message to not squander the little time we have on this earth, Danny Olson and Highlnd’s “Not Letting Go” is destined to be the soundtrack to so many memorable nights to come. 

Danny Olson and Highlnd’s new single “Not Letting Go” is available on all platforms via Lost In Dreams Records. 

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Lost In Dreams is the latest vision to come to life from Insomniac, dedicated to creating a surreal experience across its label, festival, and events series. Powered by Insomniac Music Group and fueled by unfettered imagination, the brand aims to blur the lines between fantasy and reality, while showcasing an array of cutting-edge talent from the genres of future bass, melodic dubstep, and vocal-driven dance music. Since first taking shape at the start of 2021, Lost In Dreams Records has championed a host of boundary-pushing artists including Kaivon, Crystal Skies, Haywyre, Danny Olson, Highlnd and more. During Labor Day weekend, the inaugural Lost In Dreams festival took over the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center for a three-stage soiree filled with sights and sounds sourced straight from your wildest fantasy.

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