Danny Olson & yetep join forces on new single ‘Melting’ ft. EASAE

LA-based artists Danny Olson and yetep have linked up on new single ‘Melting’, also featuring EASAE, out September 17.

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Marking Danny Olson’s 4th outing and yetep’s maiden release on Lost In Dreams, the trio combine to deliver a cinematic masterpiece laden with drama-packed synth swells, solemn piano motifs, thudding drums and EASAE’s soaring, emotionally-charged vocals. 

Melting’ is the result of intense scrutiny, hard work, and honesty.  Written almost two years prior, the lyrics and meaning originated from a poem by Stella Smyth (one of the song’s co-writers).  After multiple production versions, ‘Melting’ still wasn’t quite right.  I sent the track to yetep, who offered a different perspective and production viewpoint, and from there, the bones and lifeblood of the song started to take shape.  Eventually, ‘Melting’ culminated as a massive orchestral powerhouse record, bolstering as much emotion as it has power.  To be truly finished, ‘Melting’ required an equally captivating vocalist, Marissa Barbalato (EASAE).– Danny Olson

A composer, producer, electronic artist, DJ and Lost In Dreams veteran, Danny Olson has always rigorously cultivated and pursued his passions for both electronic and cinematic music, focusing his energies between dance music, trailer music, and film scoring. Most recently he dropped the single ‘Undertow’ with Bebi and Tyler Graves.

Championing community driven music, LA-based producer yetep continues to impress the music industry via innovation and individuality. Commencing his summit only 4 years ago, yetep is quickly becoming a household name in the world of dance music. Amassing a cult-like following at the heels of his monthly mix series on Soundcloud, the novel producer is now electrifying fans across the globe with his original cuts.  

Already amassing tens of millions of streams across his back catalogue, yetep is quickly cementing his position as one of the most exciting artists in the West Coast electronic scene. He has previously released on ProximitySubsidia and Seeking Blue, also recently performing at the inaugural Lost In Dreams festival.

‘Melting’ sees Danny Olson, yetep and EASAE combine on a rousing electronic anthem.

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