Dante Marino ‘Peace of Mind’

Psychedelic indie-rock artist Dante Marino shares his new single ‘Peace Of Mind’, out now on all streaming platforms.

Naming The Black Keys, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Tash Sultana as his main influences for the track, Dante Marino draws from his combined influences, thriving on being able to experiment with his music and the concepts and emotions he’s able to portray, totally owning his own brand of bold, psychedelic indie-rock.

Speaking of the track, Dante says, “I wrote this song on an acoustic guitar, despite its rock riff, while I was hiking through the jungle of Costa Rica. I found a fallen tree in the middle of the forest and was walking with only my guitar. I sat on the tree and began to play. I wrote the riff and later wrote the lyrics for ‘Peace of Mind’. After changing from such a fast-paced environment such as LA to a peaceful harmonious place like the rainforest, I was inspired by how much of a relief it is to free yourself from the burden of your own mind. That voice that is constantly labeling, judging, and narrating your life and blocking you from experiencing it in a pure sense.”

Growing up, Dante was introduced to AC/DC at an early age, and was captivated by Angus Young pouring his heart and soul into every note he played on the guitar. It inspired him to take on the guitar as his first instrument, which evolved into learning many more instruments and expanding into other genres.