Dark Electronic Producers Øneheart and Kazukii Make Monstercat Debut with Atmospheric Chillstep Single “restless” 

July 25th, 2023 — Øneheart and Kazukii, two promising artists whose musical realms encompass ambient, phonk, and wave, today reunite to make their Monstercat Silk debut with the mesmerizing single, “restless.”

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The musical foundation of “restless” stems from a previous collaboration of theirs, inspiring both artists to explore softer, ambient territories pushing the boundaries of their creativity. It weaves a sonic landscape of emotions through transportive melodies, cinematic elements, and hypnotic strings that captures the essence of loneliness and heartbreak. The track serves as a hauntingly beautiful masterpiece that showcases both artists musical evolutions. 

With an impressive 6.7M monthly listeners and 290K followers on Spotify, Øneheart has already made a memorable mark on the music industry at the ripe age of 17-years-old. His upward trajectory began when his breakthrough hit “snowfall” with reidenshi became a viral sensation, achieving over 1.4 million creates on TikTok and over 423.6 million streams on Spotify alone. His ability to craft evocative and atmospheric soundscapes has garnered fanbases around the globe, and is on his way to establishing himself as a leading figure of the ambient circuit.

Teaming up with Øneheart for the second time, Kazukii brings a similar musical style and aesthetic forward. Kazukii’s vision in the realm of dark electronic and ambient genres make him the perfect collarborator to join alongside on “restless,” and will propel him further into the spotlight cementing himself as one to watch. 

Øneheart shares“‘restless’ is a song to help you cope with loneliness. This track is reminiscent of my old work, when I used to do future garage and could listen to artists like Pensees, Sorrow, Vacant for hours. For my new audience it’s definitely something new and I hope they will like this song.”

Kazukii shares“Øneheart sent me “restless” and I loved the idea. Once I got the stems from him I wanted to build a kind of theme with the vocal cuts and strings that showed a feeling of loneliness.” 

Both driven with a passionate vision to transform their vulnerable emotions into their musical compositions, Øneheart and Kazukii arrive on Monstercat Silk as budding forces in the ambient, dark electronic lane. With their heartfelt and raw feelings rooted in each of their records, “restless” sparks a new journey musically for the two. Fans can look forward to more music to come from both. 

Øneheart Bio Dmitry Volynkin aka Øneheart launched this project in 2018 with a focus on releasing atmospheric electronic music in such genres as wave, ambient & phonk.

Some of his notable releases are “snowfall” (which is a collaboration with reidenshi), “this feeling,” and “apathy.”

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Kazukii Bio Kazukii is a California based artist who creates a variety of genres ranging from Ambient & Future Garage, to Indie Pop.

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