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Toronto-based songstress Delaney Jane has been an unstoppable force since embarking on her solo venture and she’s impressing again as she reunites alongside Shaun Frank for the fifth time on ‘Throwback’. Continuing her string of widely successful releases, the single marks Delaney Jane’s sixth since her solo debut more than a year ago and her first since ‘Psycho’, which came at the end of 2018. The collaboration is officially out now and is available via all streaming platforms.
‘Throwback’ is a flawless combination of the two multitalented artists as the vibrant production draws listeners in with the angelic vocals of Delaney Jane. The single then cohesively blends alongside smooth piano chords, a pumping bassline, and uplifting guitar melodies, which subsequently shifts into an enthralling duet. Chiming in for responsibilities on the hook, Shaun Frank launches ‘Throwback’ into peak radio territory to get the New Year off to a scorching start. Harnessing melodic strengths and contagiously rhythmic beats, Delaney Jane and Shaun Frank prove to be a dynamic pairing on yet another endlessly playable collaboration.
If the lyrics and mesmerizing nature of ‘Throwback’ were not sufficient enough to entice the audience in, the collaboration is accompanied by an emphatically down-to-earth set of visuals. Leading off with an extremely heartfelt interview from the duo, Delaney Jane and Shaun Frank provide some insightful background into their history and the track’s creation. Briskly transitioning into the music video portion, the five-minute emotionally-charged visual is doused in nostalgic clips of a couple’s progression over the years in addition to some actual footage from the duo in years past.
Having already collaborated with some of dance music’s biggest icons such as TiëstoKSHMR and Adventure Club, Delaney Jane has proven time and time again that her vocal prowess is a force to be reckoned with. After turning the page in her career to launch her solo journey in late 2017 with her debut single ‘Howl’, Delaney Jane has released multiple chart-topping originals including the RIAA Gold-certified ‘Bad Habits’ and the recently released ‘Psycho’. Shaun Frank is also no stranger to commercial accolades throughout his time in music, having co-written some of The Chainsmokers biggest releases including ‘Closer’ and ‘Sick Boy’. With the year only a couple of weeks in and a potential number one hit on her hands, Delaney Jane is unquestionably setting the stage to break into superstardom status in 2019.
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