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Delerium & Jes Unveil new single ‘Stay’

Delerium - Stay ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Revered Canadian based artists Delerium present something very special indeed, as the duo based out of Vancouver drop their forthcoming release ‘Stay’ on global promo.

Formed in the late eighties & originally a side project of the influential music act, Front Line Assembly – throughout Delerium‘s history, their musical style has encompassed an eclectic, diverse range & has seen them traverse seamlessly across varying soundscapes – including dark ethereal ambient, voiceless industrial & more accessible electronica. Having released a number of much loved classics along the way, that include the global hit ‘Silence’ which ft. Sarah McLachlan, along with ‘Terra Firma’ ft. Aude – fast forward to the present & Delerium now present their highly anticipated new single ‘Stay’.

Embracing a sound with a clear nod to their past & a firm look into their future, ‘Stay’ features the vocal talents of three time Grammy nominated JES & sees Delerium touch down with a record that has the hallmarks of a future sure-fire player. Along with the Album version, a whole host of remixes come in from artists including Anjuna favourites Matt Lange & Beckwith, along with Vibonacci & Starward, Eskai & Kris O’Neil.

Set to light up in the coming weeks, ‘Stay’ see’s Delerium‘s return to global dancefloors & radio airwaves in fine style.

Stay tuned.

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