Dennis Sheperd & JES – By My Side

You’ve gotta hand it to Dennis Sheperd… Still well inside the release year of his spiritually uplifting (and lockdown-cathartic) ‘Find The Sunrise’ LP and the German producer is already beginning to feed new, post-album material into the clubbing system.

Opening a new chapter, ‘By My Side’ finds him on a killer collaboration with that voice-of-a-clubbing-generation, JES.

Now this duo’s production paths have crossed previously, but you have to go all the way back to 2014’s (w/Cold Blue co-op), ‘Runaway’ to find it. Here though the pair has been left entirely to their own devices, and that‘s opened the door to a track that stunningly crosses Sheperd’s energized studio sensibilities with JES’s emotionally raw lyrics & evocatively reigning voice.

The path of true love rarely runs smooth, and its complexities are something that – through her words & song – JES intuitively explores. For every bittersweet moment touched on though, Dennis empathetically supplies just the right degree of chord uplift to equalise them. A studio chemistry tangible enough to touch, ‘By My Side’ is out today and available from all good streaming & sales outlets here (