(Miami, FL) – Critically acclaimed multi-platinum selling producer and EDM DJ, Deorro, releases “Rumba,” alongside Latin music vocalist and writer, Jeon. The single is the fifth song off of Deorro’s highly anticipated upcoming crossover Latin dance album “ORRO” and features all the feel-good and upbeat sounds that the EDM DJ has become known for like “Napoleona,” “Ponte Pa’ Mi,” and “Si Tu No Estas Aquí.” The song, and official lyric video, are now available to stream on all digital platforms today.

Listen Here :

With “Rumba,” Deorro wanted to get his fans around the world to get up and dance — whether at a rave or at home. With that feeling and vision in mind, Deorro created a track that merges the best and most cutting-edge EDM/dance rhythms with the iconic sounds of Cumbia. To give the track the perfect cultural touch, Deorro teamed up with Latin music vocalist and writer Jeon, who has collaborated with artists like JBalvin, Anitta, Nicky Jam and Luis Fonsi amongst others, to put his own spin to the lyrics helping elevate the song further. Like his previously released songs, “Rumba” continues to lay the groundwork for what his upcoming album “ORRO” will be giving fans across the globe.

Deorro recounted, “‘Rumba’ was one of those rare songs that are literally created overnight while we were on our trip to Miami in January. One night I walked into the kitchen late after a session wanting to show my team this song I had been working on that I had created and how it compared to tracks I had grown up listening to. The following day we had our session with Jeon, who we had just met for the first time. We played a few records for him, and he was torn between a few that he really loved, but when ‘Rumba’ came on he said, ‘This is it!’ That day, as a whole, was just a big vibe in the studio and a bit of a family event. In the song, all the noises and voices you hear in the background are literally a group of six men in the studio booth White Claws in hand screaming, ‘Hey!’ During the high-pitched parts, we all literally were screaming in the highest pitches we could muster that our throats were all hurting afterward.”

“I remember this day like it was yesterday. The vibe & the time, everything felt so right and keep in mind, I never met Deorro until the first session. We arrived and jumped right into the studio. He had his team with him, wich all of them made me feel so at home & very welcome. We were going through some beats & references that he had, but the moment he played this beat, that was it! After a long time I felt again like I was making music for fun and only fun. We recorded all of us together, laughing and putting all the magic together. We all got a chance to share opinions to bring the best product to the table. really nice team.” Commented Jeon.

Earlier this year Deorro joined forces once again with award-winning merengue artist Elvis Crespo and IAmChino for their hit track “Napoleona.” The merengue-inspired Latin/EDM song stays true to the excitement that both Crespo, IAmChino, and Deorro have become known for in their careers. The multi-platinum selling producer also released “Ponte Pa’ Mi” alongside Puerto Rican rapper and artist Jon Z. Like “Napoleona” the song features the EDM DJ’s signature production style giving his global fanbase another certified hit that will have them dancing everywhere. Deorro also released “Si Tu No Estas Aquí” alongside Latin American pop singer Lua and “Me Siento Bien” alongside Kura and Alex Rose, two songs that further build upon his impressive repertoire of show-stopping tracks. The overall vision that he has been implementing in his music has been something that garnered the producer and EDM DJ immense success as they were the basis for his songs “Bailar” and “Pica,” both with the iconic performer, Elvis Crespo.