Desert Hearts Black Recruits Queens’ Duo Local Dialect for Dynamic Erebus EP

Releases ahead of the Desert Hearts Festival (April 28-May 2), headlined by the DH Crew, Carl Craig, Omar S, DJ Harvey,Danny Daze & More.

Sam Perricone and Reed Tan began collaborating as Local Dialect in 2017. The two friends had formed successful DJ careers while studying at Princeton, and after finding their corporate careers unrewarding, embarked on the next unfolding of their musical adventure.


Operating out of their basement studio in Queens, New York, and surrounded by their collection of synths and pedals, the two pride themselves on weaving an emotional journey into each track. Soaring arpeggios and poignant melodies permeate their productions; powerful bass lines growl underneath. Backed by a constantly evolving, dance floor-ready groove, this is music that is sure to move your soul as much as it moves your body.

On April 22, the eclectic duo dropped the Erebus EP on Desert Hearts Black, the melodic subsidiary of Desert Hearts Records. Helmed by co-founder Marbs, DHB offers a more far-reaching palette of melodic driven techno and house that lends to the late, or early, hour music experiences.

Erebus consists of two tracks – each named after deities in Greek mythology. The title track leads with absorbing synths and peppy pace – faint vocals and spaced out moments before the drop give it an epic feeling. Track no.2 is “Prometheus” – which references the Titan god of thunder. The B-side track is far more brooding, guiding with a sensual rhythm and playful synth notes. Here we see the true impact and potential of these more melodious offerings, which promote introspective moments in sound and eventually the dancefloor for listeners to experience something for themselves.

Over the last several years, Marbs and Evan Casey have helped grow the DH label subsidiary, Desert Hearts Black, into a respected platform for melodic strains of house and techno. The inaugural EP Torus – a collab from Marbs, Rinzen, Evan Casey – reached the #1 spot on Beatport’s Overall chart after its singles were supported by Deep Dish and many others. The label has already seen releases from Tim Engelhardt, Dance Spirit, Thugfucker, Arude, Anakim, Rinzen, and Lunar Plane. 

They’ve continued to thrive through an otherwise tumultuous year for the industry, taking the Twitch world by storm and reaching tens of thousands of viewers weekly with their music. 

Desert Hearts looks to celebrate 10 years next weekend, when Desert Hearts Festival moves into its new venue of Lake Perris, California. Minds on the Run previews the label’s excitement to return to festival, as well as a renewed focus to expand on its electronic offerings. Join the Desert Hearts community for their grand return and most magical festival yet:

Thursday, April 28- Monday, May 2, 2022. 

House, Techno, Love

We Are All Desert Hearts

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