Dex Channels seeks ‘Nirvana’ in his latest offering

Photo Credit: PatrickMelon 

Dex Channels is a breath of fresh air. He is a formless artist in a rigid world, who looks to promote truth above all else. A truth that the listener may find in Channel’s artistic message, whether that’s his encouragement to assume your authentic self or simply find solace in his music.  Born in Alabama and raised in Florida, Channels has lived in the south his whole life, coincidentally home to many other envelope pushing artists such as Andre 3000 and more recently EarthGang.  Early signs of this affinity to unrestricted self expression can be seen on his debut EP ‘Guns go off in the Summertime’, particularly on the stand out record ‘Last Sunday’ which saw the Florida born rapper speak on ‘what PTSD is like for Black kids in the South.’

 Elevator Magazine coined Channel’s as an artist who ‘Falls into the category of a lyricist with a distinctive sound’ and on the rapper’s latest release ‘Nirvana’ this sentiment 

holds true. 

Nirvana is about going within and creating heaven on earth to escape the hellish state most people live in today.”

From a writing perspective, Nirvana took a few weeks to finalize. It wasn’t until Channel’s finally took the record to the studio that it felt brand new.  Channel’s speaks on how the mantra of ‘Feel it taking over’ kept repeating in his head and before long the rest of the song seemed to pour out of him.  The production is 80’s inspired with a danceable rhythm and gorgeous guitar work which gives Channel’s the perfect bed of sounds to get his point across. 

After placements in big Spotify playlists such as Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds: Hip Hop, and Gaming lounge, the hype around Dex Channels is building.

‘Nirvana’ is available on the 21st of September! Don’t sleep!

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