Digital 21 + Stefan Olsdal conjure cosmic synergy on ethereal ‘Multiverse’ ft. Inanna

Fusing cinematic, spaced out electronics over Inanna’s haunting, vulnerable vocal delivery, ‘Multiverse’ is an orchestral jewel that feels like a microcosm, layered with immersive classical strings enriched by subtle touches and epic compositions.

Inanna explains: “The Earth -this universe- is our home. It is what unites us all. Music can be witness, a spark for emotional connection, it can be activism itself and a powerful tool for change. My aim is to invite people to wonder, again and again, about all the beauty and mystery surrounding us, about the uniqueness of our experience on this planet, in this universe. This new single, made together with Digital 21 and Stefan Olsdal, two incredible artists who I have always admired, is an atmospheric and melodic poem dedicated to all the forces of the invisible, all the particles, the beauty and little things that make our reality and this universe possible. When I listen to this song, it reminds me of Keats and his famous verse ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty – that is all you know on Earth and all you need to know'”.

Digital 21 & Stefan Olsdal add: “We love to work as composers for other artists. Inanna wanted an original song from us, a slow track with our orchestral sound. We worked on this song for several months, with many strings and many voices too. We wanted the song to rise little by little. It’s such a challenge to create a song just for one voice that you haven’t heard before. It’s a challenge and, at the same time, it’s a trip to other universes. Inanna lives in the USA, so we worked with her online. Mixing our parallel universes. The result is ‘Multiverse’.”

Inanna, whose own career has brought forth a series of environmentally-themed songs with her own signature ethnic-futuristic sound, has written the haunting melody and performs the layered vocals. Her warm, intimate, and dreamy voice draws us into the world of ‘Multiverse’, which is ultimately our own, governed by inscrutable forces.

Digital 21 + Stefan Olsdal have perfected the craft of polishing their electro-orchestral gems till they twinkle and fascinate each in their own way. Their composition and production make the song a stand alone piece of immersive music.  

‘Multiverse’ is released on 30th July across all digital platforms.



DIGITAL 21 is one of the pioneers in the Spanish electronic music scene. STEFAN OLSDAL is half of the iconic band PLACEBO. Nine years ago, they decided to join forces simply as “DIGITAL 21 + STEFAN OLSDAL”. Both are multi-instrumentalists with 30 years of experience in music and their own recording studios. Digital 21 is also a visual artist. Both equally share a passion for electronic and classical music. At the end of 2017 they released their debut album, ‘ INSIDE ’, and this year they release ‘ COMPLEX ’ which is a contemporary hybrid of electronic music, mixing up club sounds and classical instruments like their string quartet (that was recorded, once again, at the legendary RAK Studios in London) or church organ, etc.


INANNA is a singer, bellydancer, environmentalist & animal advocate of Italian origins. Inanna reinvents environmentalist music in an eco-alternative-pop project dedicated to the Earth and all its landscapes and life-forms, through a mesmerizing collection of future-oriented pieces. Her passion for Nature, animals, alternative music & Middle Eastern sounds has given life to a unique and genre-bending ethno-futuristic sound. The interactions between humans, technology, animals and Nature are being witnessed and given a voice, bringing a hopeful message for possible futures on Earth.

Her music is a contemporary cathartic spell of an enchantress, of a cyber-priestess standing between Nature and Culture, light & dark, old & new, feminine & masculine, melting together in unique atmospheres. Her mission is to deliver, through enchanting soundscapes and an innovative mixture of ancient and contemporary beats, a message of peace, environmentalism, respect for our planet and all its creatures.

After first single – released in May 2019 – Inanna has kept releasing singles and videos, where each song speaks up about a different environment-related topic. This upcoming single, made in collaboration with Digital 21 and Stefan Olsdal, is a homage to all the invisible particles, events, moments in time that make our mysterious universe (or multi-universe) what it is. It is an ode to the little things that make the whole and the infinite.