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Diplo ‘MMXX – XII’ Kölsch Remix

Diplo - MMXX – XII (Kölsch Remix) [feat. Rhye] by Diplo

Diplo‘s foray into ambient in late 2020 with 12-piece MMXX marked a formidable pillar of his advancing fluidity as an artist. A rare, yet meditative showcase from the multidimensional producer, the album now receives a transformative effort, recruiting Kölsch for its first official remix.

Perhaps no one other than the lauded techno auteur would be better suited to reconstruct the calming closer of MMXX, “XII” into a dance floor production. Recomposing key elements of the original, Kölsch commands a gradual progression of skittering breakbeats, dominating brasses, and intensity-building breakdowns in harmony with Rhye‘s seraphic vocals. Balancing a portfolio of high energy beats and instrumental delicacy, the melodic maestro brings an intuitiveness to his dance-ready realignment of Diplo’s ambient composition.

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