Dirty Audio ‘Take Control EP’ Bassrush Records

The versatile bass music producer pulls from his favorite influences on his hybrid three-track offering.

Dirty Audio culls elements from his favorite genres to create a commanding hybrid ‘Take Control’ EP on Bassrush Records. 

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Since the onset, Andrew Assatourian has gotten a kick out of blending styles to create a collection of composite bass tracks that effectively blur the lines between hip-hop, trap, house, and heart-pounding dubstep. His passion for crossbreeding sounds has only grown stronger as his market share ballooned exponentially, leaving a trail of filth in his wake alongside a staggering list of collaborators counting Deorro, Gammer, Yellow Claw, Leotrix, Delta Heavy and more. The street cred he’s established over the years is bolted down by his predilection for fusion, and he’s feeding that habit like crazy on his new three-track offering. 

The first salvo from the package was delivered in July when he opened the floodgates to usher in a monsoon of motivation taking the shape of the lead single, “No Stoppin.’” Rapper GOLD went full beast mode on the bars, laying down a wealth of incentivizing rhymes to match the hype of the primetime trap beat flowing underneath. 

“‘No Stoppin’ is a lifestyle; every day you have to keep moving forward and bettering yourself to reach your goals,” says Dirty Audio. “This record incorporates my two favorite genres: trap & hip-hop.”

“BIG is an understatement,” adds GOLD. “This collaboration will not only shake the world and give our listeners an adrenaline rush from the bass, but it’ll also give them something fresh and never heard before. We want to create an experience and show our listeners to keep Trusting the Dream.”

As expected, the interpolation was never meant to stop there. And neither was his mission to instill a sense of encouragement into those in need of a push in the right direction. Intent on shining old-school vibes in an entirely new light, the two new offerings branch out from his love for festival trap. 

The title cut sets out on a nostalgia-riddled melody line, before diverting straight out the barrel of a low-end cannon. Squawking synth sequences are plotted out in painstaking perfection amidst a bed of trunk-rattling bass and clattering 808s. Reminiscent of the dawn of the now-ubiquitous genre, the track takes tricks from the bygone era and completely flips them on their head. “Tell Me” closes out the package, serving as the most low-key piece from the EP. Yet it packs serious heat in its own way. Mellow piano chords and pitched-up vocals push things off gently, while the syrupy vocal hook paves the way for a plucky dubstep lead that pounces up and down guttural stabs. It provides the last moment of what seems like deja-vu, calling to mind a feeling of familiarity that somehow seems too new to be true. 

“This EP came together really dope,” explains Dirty Audio. “I wanted to mix OG trap with some modern-day sounds and techniques. I think it’s a great combination of that along with hip-hop, dubstep, and some other inspirations. Some of these were IDs I was playing out or sitting on, so I revamped them and properly finished them. It was fun chopping up samples for the vocals on ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Take Control.’ The point of this EP is to take control of whatever situation you may be in, and don’t stop. Keep pushing every day and always have faith!”

Across the three-track run, Dirty Audio rehashes some of the most iconic qualities that helped catapult him into international recognition, all while promoting a positive message to grab the bull by its horns and never let go until one’s full potential is achieved.  

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Built around the legacy it has created since its earliest days in the underground back in 2002, Bassrush has established itself as a pillar within the bass music scene. Over the years, the crew has cultivated a movement that has taken on many forms, from its massive festival stages around the world to their more intimate nights on the dancefloor. In 2016, Bassrush Records materialized as a means to take their barrier-breaking mentality into the label world, pushing boundaries in dubstep, trap, drum & bass, and everything in between. With a catalog that banks on both heavyweights and up-and-coming talent alike, Bassrush Records has put its stamp on artists including Caspa, Borgore, AFK, Svdden Death, Spag Heddy, Herobust, and more. 

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