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DIRTY RADIO & Mogul Unveil ‘All That I’ve Become’ Out Now Via Sidekick Music

DiRTY RADiO & Mogul  ‘All That I’ve Become’ ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Three years on from their debut collaboration ‘Making My World’ back in 2016, hotly tipped German disco-funk producer Mogul and Vancouver-based trio DiRTY RADiO now reconvene for their eagerly-awaited sophomore outing, as they announce the forthcoming release of their brand new single ‘All That I’ve Become’

Artists: DiRTY RADiO, Mogul

Title: All That I’ve Become

Label: Sidekick Music

Release Date: June 26, 2019

Format: Digital


Download :

Out now via prolific French independent label, Sidekick Music, ‘All That I’ve Become’ is an irresistible four-minute slice of down-tempo future funk from two acts in fine form. 

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Kaytranada and Pomo early on in his career, Mogul’s innate creativity and production credentials are evident throughout, as he fuses elements of hip-hop, disco and funk in perfect symbiosis underneath the soulful vocals and textures of multi-instrumentalists DiRTY RADiO. 

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About DiRTY RADiO:

Since 2010 DiRTY RADiO have been crafting a satisfying synthesis of dance, R&B and electronic music. With their diverse musical influences, the multi instrumentalists and producers have been working tirelessly in their studio, racking up impressive Spotify and Soundcloud numbers and dropping tracks with international labels such as Spinnin’, Mad Decent, Majestic Casual and 604 Records/Sony Music Canada. The group consists of lead vocalist/songwriter Shadi and producer/ songwriter Waspy who are also known for their high-energy live shows. Behind the scenes, they work closely with founding partner producer/mixer Anthony Dolhai. To date, the group has released three full-length studio albums, one EP, and a slew of singles and vocal remixes. Most recently, 2019 saw the release of their third studio album titled “Pleasures”.  

About Mogul:

Being born and raised in Berlin, Mogul not only gathered the presence of electronic music into his craft but also the city`s second most famous genre: HipHop. Mix that with a ton of Funk and a pinch of Disco and you have successfully combined Mogul`s musical heritage. Mogul drew his inspiration mainly from Soundcloud and its love for mix genres. His passion for Disco, Funk, House and HipHop made him discover Kaytranada and Pomo very early in their careers and he went on to enrich their styles with his own vision.

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