Dirtybird Records Releases ‘Birds Of A Feather’ Compilation

Featuring David Tort, Mr.Diamond, Deefo, and Lenny Kiser

Today, Dirtybird Records releases its latest compilation Birds Of A Feather featuring original tracks by David Tort, Mr.Diamond, Deefo, and Lenny Kiser

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Across four distinctly dynamic tracks, Birds Of A Feather showcases sounds from different corners across the globe, featuring Spanish producer David Tort, Ecuadorian electronic artist Mr.Diamond, Indonesian beatmaker Deefo, and even repping the label’s hometown with San Francisco house producer Lenny Kiser. 

The compilation opens with ‘Hey Yeah!’ from David Tort, a buzzing techno cut filled with spine-chilling synth builds and scattered percussion. Mr.Diamond offers an energetic house heater, ‘Bakeneko’, that zippers with fast-paced rhythms and arpeggiated melodies. Deefo plays with vocal chops to deliver a quicky piano-led original titled ‘Take Control’. Lenny Kiser closes the compilation with ‘Opal’, a grungy, experimental instrumental filled with offbeat rhythms and distorted basslines. 

Regarding his track, David Tort said, “My track was inspired by intimate dark rooms and vast festival crowds. It’s my signature sound with a modern twist that keeps it both underground and sexy. Using a vintage synth, I wanted to create a main sound that’s both timeless and cutting-edge.”

Mr.Diamond added, “Really happy to join the DIRTYBIRD fam! ‘Bakeneko’ is the result of experimenting with different synths, trying to find the perfect sound, and using all of them in one track to create a groovy musical collage.”

Deefo noted, “I always love to discover new sounds and wanted to combine all of the different musical elements with this track.”

Lenny Kiser described his track saying, “I made this song after having a creative block. I decided to sit down and have fun without any preconceived notion of what I was going to make, and the result was an organic combination of my synthesizers and chopped up drums.”

A collection of fresh faces from around the globe, Birds Of A Feather is a celebration of the worldly house and techno sounds Dirtybird has continuously highlighted over the last 18 years. Birds Of A Feather arrives following the label’s ‘Dirtybird Players’ stage takeover at Ultra Music Festival. 

Dirtybird invites the flock to stream Birds Of A Feather out now. 

Birds Of A Feather Tracklist:
1. David Tort – Hey Yeah!
2. Mr.Diamond – Bakeneko
3. Deefo – Take Control
4. Lenny Kiser – Opal

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