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Distinkt Releases New ‘Potion’ EP OUT NOW via MAD DECENT

Distinkt Releases New 'Potion' EP ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Rising UK bass artist Distinkt today releases his new Potion EP, offering a fresh take on his signature sounds with his Mad Decent debut as he experiments with different genres, moods and tempos, while remaining true to his approach to dancefloor chaos. Tracklist and more information blow.


Breaking down each track on the Potion EP, Distinkt explains title track “Potion” came about after ages of talking with UK artist Grace Elliott about collaborating finally came to fruition. “Grace and I linked up after ages of constantly talking about how we had to make a tune. The studio sessions we had were fuelled by good energy, giggles and a lot of fresh pineapple. I remember when I was doing the final touches on the track – I was blasting it through my speakers at home and it was a sunny day so I had my window wide open with a cool breeze and I was just in the best mood — and that came out in the song. I wanted to show people the other side I have in the studio,” he says of the track.

Birdy Dub” is a grime-inspired track. “I really took a liking to the UK grime scene and got inspired,” he says. “The reaction every time I play it in clubs or at festivals is nuts so that’s why it belongs on this EP. I remember it got like 6 wheel ups by Killa P and Dizzlekid at a house party I played at which was funny.”

EP closer “3310” was originally an 8 minute live recording that Distinkt and fellow Brighton-based producer Andy Whitwell made using all hardware synths and drum machines (Roland TB-303, TR-808 and TR-909, specifically). “Andy was previously my teacher at Northbrook College which is where I started to take music more seriously in the studio and spend more hours and late nights on each and every tune,” Distinkt explains. “About a year after I left college and moved to Bristol, I think I had just gotten back from a week in Berlin where I got really inspired and we linked up and went to his studio in Brighton and decided to combine styles and have a jam on his hardware. Then we took it to the studio after and finished it up with some extra samples and bits here and there.”



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