Do you Love Live Music Here are 6 Ways You Can Listen To It More Often

Almost any type of music you can think of is available with the click of a mouse in today’s world. One of the most intense and memorable ways to connect with music is at a live music concert, which is also a fun social event.

You can’t go wrong with live music as an experience. It has the power to elicit feelings from you that you weren’t even aware you had. This results from experiencing the music live and meeting the artist in person—an encounter you can’t have at home, on your phone, or on the radio. The connection between the audience and the music can only be made by attending a concert since there is nothing quite like seeing your favorite musician in person and hearing them sing and play live. Depending on the performance, there’s a good possibility that you’ll be sharing the experience with hundreds of other people who share your love of music and are there to take in the magical atmosphere that only live music can provide.

In the following, we offer you six good ways in which you can more easily access live music and enjoy it.

Facebook Events

Using the Facebook Events page is a fantastic place to start when looking for more neighborhood events. All the details about big events, festivals, classes, etc. will be posted on Facebook and are readily found using the search function. Simply choose the “Events” option from Facebook’s sidebar. Next, select “Local.” This will populate all upcoming events in the region being visited, and it can be narrowed down to display more focused offerings.

Instagram Hashtags

While it may require some effort, this method of finding live music may also be the most successful!

Connecting with tourists who are visiting the area on Instagram is a good place to start. Enter the name of the city you are visiting or the place you live on the Instagram search page. This will instantly create relevant and well-liked hashtags for that area. Some of them could be exactly the “scene” you’re searching for, or maybe this search page will inspire you to look at other photos and reports that will point you in the direction of the live music or experiences you want to have. You might be able to connect via certain Instagram pages dedicated to travelers.

Finding influencers or neighborhood businesses in various places that could post about events, places, or chances to check out is another possibility. If you go down the hashtag-clicking rabbit hole, you’ll discover some possibilities and hidden treasures where you’re going!

If you’re feeling brave, don’t be afraid to send that local influencer or company you found a Direct Message to ask them what local events, bands, or festivals you should be aware of are coming up. When given the chance to introduce tourists to their hometown favorites and suggestions, Instagrammers and locals are often really enthusiastic!

Check Posters

Finding out what is going on in your community’s music scene can be done quite well by using posters! They may be quite educational as well as being dispersed across cities, providing color wherever they appear. If you are in a foreign city, take out your translator app and use the image feature to quickly translate any posters that are written in a different language. Also, you can find posters with a list of quality bands performing and read more about them and the kind of music they play. Advice: Once you get the names of a few local musicians and venues via posters, search Instagram for further leads.

Ask a Local

Take the initiative and ask someone what the most exciting events are going on if you have discovered a local coffee shop, store, or company you connect with, or even if you meet a local on the street who appears to be your best friend. The amount of information they have to share could surprise you.

Extra Option

Many global populations may be found congregating to listen to live music. Amazing local performances are presented by them in covert pop-up venues in towns all over the world. Local artists and companies have the chance to work together to create extraordinary experiences at these intimate performances in distinctive locations. Performances may be reserved online using the websites for the various locations, and they’re a terrific opportunity to meet others who live there and are enthusiastic about intimate listening.

Apps to Help You

As technology has advanced, you can now easily find applications that will provide you with a list of available live music along with accurate details. Here are a few of them:

  • Bandsintown – This app describes itself as the best one, and with more than 15 million users, that may be accurate. Your Spotify, Deezer, Facebook, and other accounts are all linked, so the concert suggestions you get will be top-notch. The option to personalize the recommendations you get from the Bandsintown smartphone app is one of its best features. The Facebook app has many more limitations. Location comes first. To ensure that you only receive recommended events you can get to, you may specify in the app how far you are prepared to travel to gigs, in addition to simply choosing your city.
  • Spotify – Another tab in Spotify called Concerts is tucked away in the far too frequently disregarded Browse tab. Based on your location and the music you listen to most frequently, the events featured in this category are tailored to you. To view dates of more performances by the same artist, select the dropdown option if the show is a stop on a tour. These recommendations have an exceptionally high degree of accuracy.
  • Eventful – When you register with Eventful, you may select to follow any artists you’d want to watch perform live. The next time a tracked artist is scheduled to perform in your city, the service will notify you. To accomplish this, go to My Eventful and begin keeping notes of the musicians, locations, and categories you enjoy.

The experiences you have during concerts are unforgettable. If you follow our advice, you should avoid missing any opportunities to enjoy the excitement of live music.