DRAMA Announces Forthcoming EP Till We Die, with New Confidently Self-Titled Single ‘DRAMA’

Electronic R&B’s heartthrob duo, DRAMA, producer Na’el Shehade and vocalist/songwriter Via Rosa, return to release their confidently self-titled single, ‘DRAMA.’ It’s the third track off the duo’s highly anticipated EP, Till We Die, dropping later this Fall. The newest single ‘DRAMA’ demonstrates Shehade and Rosa’s sonic range with their fun immersion of genres, in retrospect to their previously released records ‘Tighten It UpandFeel The Same.’ 


The single ‘DRAMA’ is an infectious spur to action that plays around with funky house beats by Shehade complimented by Rosa’s sassy, fun lyrics. The positively self-titled single is undeniably a clubbable track, guaranteed to ignite body-moving dance explosions.

Over the years, DRAMA has refused to be musically categorized, relentlessly breaking musical barriers by freely crossing over and blending R&B/electronic genres as heard in their previous projects. The powerhouse team has demonstrated their ability to seamlessly crossover genres as seen from their dynamic performances at major festivals like Coachella and Lightning in a Bottle this past year. The pair’s high energy, but cool sets and all-too-relatable lyrics have undeniably continued to win the duo a myriad of fans on and off the dance floor across North America.  

On the single, DRAMA comments —  “This self-titled anthem is for anyone in their ‘this is what I need in order to love properly’ era, those of us who are entering the humble yet confident ‘of course they’re going to love me, I’m amazing’ stage of our lives. It’s a reminder to ourselves that we don’t have to accept love from people who don’t know how to love us, we’re no longer afraid of not being wanted. THIS is what the girls dream of, someone who knows how to love them. The song itself lyrically was inspired by our live performances and the things that one would see during a DRAMA show – looking out at the crowd and seeing everyone enjoying themselves, you get accustomed to what the energy feels like when we’re all moving together. It’s not up to just one of us, but all of us to create the perfect atmosphere for everyone to have a good time.”

Till We Die will follow the success of DRAMA’s previously released three EPs, Don’t Wait Up in 2022, Lies After Love in 2018, Gallows in 2016, and their debut album Dance Without Me in January 2020. 

You can stream/buy ‘DRAMA’ from August 31st.

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