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DRISHTI BEATS  "OASIS" ile ilgili görsel sonucu"

Following their dynamic performances at EDC and Mysteryland 2019, today live yoga bass band Drishti Beats releases their latest single “Oasis.”

Listen to “Oasis” Here:

About “Oasis“:
Drishti Beats follows up an already extremely successful 2019 featuring performances at highly revered festivals EDC and Mysteryland with the release of their latest free-flowing single “Oasis.” An amalgamation of downtempo beats coupled with Middle-Eastern and jazz-influenced melodies, “Oasis” is melodious, soothing, and groovy. It’s the type of song you’d expect to hear in the middle of a yoga class or at a festival on a chilled out afternoon. Featured instrumentalist Gina Sobel’s flute interludes add an extra layer of depth to the catchy and memorable track. Over the past few years, Drishti Beats has continued to gain solid traction for their highly coveted yoga classes which they pair with their dynamic live musical performances. Drishti Beats will continue to release music steadily over the next few months through early 2020.

About Drishti Beats:
Drishti Beats is a live band yoga class experience that can be experienced at yoga and music festivals around the world. The band produces live downtempo electronic chill music for their own yoga classes and for sheer listening pleasure. Found on all music platforms, including their own Pandora Station, Drishti Beats continues to build momentum in both the downtempo chill and world music genres. With the Lowell family at its core Lori and Jeremy (husband and wife) are the co-founders and creators of Drishti Beats who provide the class experience and are accompanied by an esteemed group of musicians including their daughter vocalist Ariel, their son Alec (beatboxing/rapper/producer), saxophonist Ricardo Branco, producer Ryan Golbus, violinist Carol Carson, and flutist Gina Sobel. Their collaboration has resulted in a beautiful singular sound and one of a kind yoga class experience that celebrates positivity and the joy of being alive. Watching the musicians perform on stage while Lori and Jeremy mindfully and expertly guide participants through yoga flows, speaks loudly to the celebration of music to a movement experience.

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