dwi a raw songwriter with a pop gleam shares single “Scars” and commentary Christmas single

While usually playing bass for The Zolas, when the 2020 global pandemic saw the world stop, dwi took the time to create something new, exciting and deeply personal. The songs are reflective in nature, and touch on a range of topics, including childhood, environmentalism, addiction, and the political landscape of the world. 

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dwi’s newest single is about being brave enough to share your scars with people. It’s hard and can get ugly.. but it might save you or somebody you love. Despite being darker lyrically, it’s still something you could scream at a party. 

dwi also has a anti-Christmas single “Last Minute Fathers” a commentary on the capitalist perversion of the holiday.

 “This is a time where we should be bundled up together, taking care of ourselves and each other. Instead, we are forced to ignore our natural instincts and blow up our bank accounts.”