Rising gay singer songwriter and indie pop artist Leetham shares debut EP and video single for party track “Mai Tais”

Leetham is an artist inspired by his upbringing in the Mormon Church community in Salt Lake City, and the turmoil of being his true self.  Driven and brave Leetham shines as a new voice in pop.  He blends singer song-writer and indie sensibility with arena ready mass appeal production.  

Filmed on location at Why Kiki bar in SLC,  and shot by Steph Andrea Brenneisen the video for Mai Tais is a fun romp that shows the personality of Leetham.  Mai Tai’s is a glittery earworm party track.

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EP Description and Credits:

Leetham’s self-titled EP follows the taboos of the Mormon faith. From drinking, and gossip to hints of LGBTQ culture, leetham covers it all. Produced by leetham and Bad Heather, the EP provides an eclectic pop feel. Mixed by Nick Nord of Drystates and Dee Kei (credited mixing for Kanye West) the record is full and lively.


Leetham is an independent LGBTQ+ artist based out of Salt Lake City. Leetham’s interest in music sprouted from a young age after watching their dad’s friend play the piano in a mall. Soon after the encounter Leetham began to take piano lessons, participate in their church’s choir, and performed in local musical productions.At the age of 14, Leetham began to write and record their own music. By the time they were 16, Leetham fronted their own pop punk band. After being in and out of many bands, Leetham finally pursued their own solo career at the start of 2021. Ready to take on the world, Leetham brings a stadium sized performance to every show they play.

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