East London Club FOLD release second EP on their in house label – Mercury 200 – Schnell und Verrück EP

FOLD Records returns after its debut with the massive Gareth Wild – Common Assault EP that had been destroying ear drums since the middle of last year. The second release is courtesy of everyone’s favourite masked duo, Mercury 200. These techno bandits first emerged onto the scene in 2018, joining forces to create their new persona and finding the sweet spot between rabble rousing dancefloor slammers and emotional uplift. The release features three explosive original tracks by Mercury200 and a riotous Myler remix, seamlessly following on from debut FOLD Record release.



Full of fast and filthy grooves, “Schnell und Verrückt” has been cooked up for their London posse and is guaranteed to make you sweat. Opening with ‘They Underground But Wear Brands’ a sultry combination of gut punching kicks, a call to arms vocal loop and sweeping synth lines. This lethal track feels like the audio embodiment of a night at FOLD. Myler’s remix that accompanies it is geared up to another level, stripping back the synths and focusing in on his signature drum design, before weaving in trance-esque pads for a clandestine moment of euphoria. On the flip of the record Mercury 200 take a wonkier path. ‘Locked and Loaded’ is an electro break cut riddled with rich acid squelch. All jacking energy and laced with an arpeggiated rolling lead synth that reverberates throughout. Rounding out the EP is ‘Ghetto Blaster’ a more haunting atmospheric track which is peppered with their vocal loops gradually rising in intensity. Crisp snares and percussion keep it groovy before pulling out for a trademark slamming breakdown.

Featuring original, full colour cover art by designer Lion Sauterleute & uno.tisto and pressed upon coloured neon wax, the release lands 01/10/21. Due to be issued on a limited run, the EP will be available in selected record stores and via Bandcamp.

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