ECHT! Futuristic four-piece meld bass music, trap, hip-hop and jazz on new album

Futuristic Brussel’s based four-piece ECHT! are set to release their second album ‘Sink-Along’ on the 5th May via the groove-obsessed Sdban Ultra label. Receiving critical acclaim from the likes of Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 6 Music) and Mixmag for their debut release ‘INWANE’ (2021), ECHT! takes the best of Jonwayne, DJ Rashad, J Dilla, Ivy Lab, Tsuruda and Aphex Twin, resulting in an unrivalled sound.

In a society geared almost exclusively toward the technological, ECHT! forges a different path, one that instead replaces the mechanical with the human. At the heart of their creative process made up of actual skin and bone, the influences of trap, bass music, jazz and hip-hop burst forth through their expert playing of real instruments. Releasing their debut EP ‘DOUF’ in 2019, the following year, ECHT! finished third in Red Bull Elektropedia’s ‘Fresh on The Scene’ category and the EP was nominated for ‘Best EP’. ECHT! released three sublime live studio sessions titled the BREWmixes in 2021, which received support from tastemakers including LEFTO, Worldwide FM and Belgian national radio station Studio Brussel (StuBru). Their debut album ‘INWANE’ soon followed.

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‘Sink-Along’ showcases a rawer and more straight-forward approach than their debut. Whether on the bass-heavy opener ‘Glide’ or the beat-to-beat sounds of ‘Cheesecake’ and ‘Bryan Brains’, ECHT! confirms its taste for deep, dark beats pushed to the extreme. No one can remain indifferent. A more luminous universe is brought to the fore on the introspective ‘Vault-A’ and ‘Dawn In Duden’ but at the core of ‘Sink-Along’, the common denominator is a warm and organic groove, evident on the inventive ‘Rouf-rouf’ and ‘Mtwk part2’. “For this album we wanted to make strong and opposite emotions coexist: a dark and intense apocalyptic tendency, and a life and dance impulse that runs through everything. A paradox that is reflected in the wordplay of the title ‘Sink-Along’.”

Echt means ‘vrai de vrai’ – ‘true’ or ‘real’ in brusseleir (Brabantian dialect of Brussels). The name is a direct reference to the fact that their sound transmission is ‘real’, performed with conventional musical instruments as opposed to computer music which the production might suggest. It also relates to the fact that none of the members of the band are originally from Brussels – bassist Federico Pecoraro is from Italy, keyboardist Dorian Dumont is from France and drummer Martin Méreau and guitarist Florent Jeunieaux are both from the Mons region on Belgium.

Watch ‘Vault-A’ video


  1. ‘Glide’
  2. ‘Cheesecake’
  3. ‘Vault-A’
  4. ‘Rouf-rouf’
  5. ‘Mtwk part 2’
  6. ‘Bryan Brains’
  7. ‘Choukes’
  8. ‘Mtwk part 1’
  9. ‘Ninouzella’
  10. ‘Dawn in Duden’

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