Eddna releases debut album ‘Cut in Half’

Cut in Half is the debut avant-pop-folk album by Berlin-based multimedia artist Eddna. It will be out digitally on the 28th of July on NIA records accompanied by a release concert in Berlin. Alongside the digital release there will be a limited edition of vinyls later this year.

Cut in two parts, like the moon in motion, the album guides the listener through the story of a woman, of many women, many personas and voices – mythical, dreamlike and real.

They wander through emotional landscapes, confronted with the forces of nature that shaped them, swaying like waves in geometrical tides, dandled by oscillating ebbs of delusion and flows of dreamlike illusion, burning and flourishing in blue lagoons and finally finding rest on lyrical islands.

In an elemental mess of constructed and deconstructed sounds, the warmth of the organ, yearning vocals, playful flutes and bloodcurdling basses, their words and stories resonate.

Artist: Eddna
Title: Cut in Half
Label: NIA Records
Format: Digital / Vinyl
Date: 24th November (vinyl) / July 28th (digital)
Release concert in Berlin 4th August HERE

01. Cut in Half pt.1
02. Abrasion
03. Thrilling Frustration
04. Lotus Eater
05. Waves in Geometrical Tides
06. Lamento Della Ninfa
07. Cut in Half pt.2
08. In My Dreams
09. Windchime
10. Terrafied
11. Suko