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Ellie Goulding to record ‘environmental anthem’ for forthcoming Netflix documentary, ‘Our Planet’

Ellie Goulding to  for forthcoming Netflix documentary, ‘Our Planet’ ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Ellie Goulding‘s next release will be a bit of an outlier in the context of Goulding’s catalog. The UK songstress has worked with a number of power players in the course of her career, including Calvin Harris, Major Lazer, and most recently, Diplo, but Sir David Attenborough will be the first documentarian to collaborate with her. Renowned in nature documentary circles, Attenborough is currently putting the finishing touches on his next environmentally focused visual production, the forthcoming Netflix series, Our Planet, has tapped none other than Goulding herself to record a song for the project.

The Sun reported that Goulding recently stopped by London’s famed Abbey Road Studios to lend her vocals to the cause. The “environmental anthem” will pair Goulding’s voice with instrumental work from London’s Philharmonic Orchestra. Memorable for his prior work on the score for the space explorative film, Gravity, Oscar-winning composer Steven Price touts the writing credit for the Our Planet tune. The song, entitled “In This Together,” will debut in tandem with the series on April 5.

Attenborough is a choice collaborator for Goulding, whose work as an Environment Global Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations aligns with Attenborough’s long-term initiative to raise awareness of environmental issues through visual narration. Goulding expressed her admiration for Attenborough’s productions and conveyed that she’d been interested adapting Attenborough’s voice from documentary to song since 2014.

“I’ve written a lot of songs about relationships and break ups. I feel like my next album is going to be about the beginning of the universe,” Goulding told The Sun. “If I could somehow utilize [Attenborough’s] voice in a recording with me, it would be awesome—a chance to make a point with my music and his authority,” Goulding said.

“Ellie has been trying to work with David for years and was gobsmacked when she was asked to do so, for what is going to be his biggest global documentary project yet,” an unnamed source told The Sun. “He was well aware of her environmental work, he anted nobody else, and he hopes Ellie and Netflix can help him bring environmental cause to the young generation.”

Attenborough’s very first Netflix original, Our Planet will be available in 192 countries, and will unfold in eight parts. The series was filmed in 50 countries and necessitated 600 crew members to capture its constituting footage. Attenborough’s team worked for more than 3,500 days to accumulate the material that will figure in full form in Our Planet.

H/T: The Sun