Emei “That Girl”

The new single from Los Angelesalt-pop meets rock Chinese American singer/songwriter Emei. Entitled “That Girl”, the single was “written on a whim after weeks of trying to keep a habit checklist and failing miserably. The pop rock inspired anthem encapsulates the energy of wanting so badly to be that girl who wakes up at 6 AM, goes on walks every morning, and drinks coffee black but never getting to that unattainable goal,” confides Emei. 

Since the song was leaked on social media by Emei the day after the song was written, it has accumulated over 13K presaves, making this next single a song to watch. Emei is known for her witty and cheeky lyrics and charismatic lingering melodies.

Emei is an alt-pop singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. Her clearcut lyrics and cheeky tone guarantee listeners to press replay. But even before she started writing, Emei developed incredible stage presence from her experience competing on Chinese Idol at 15. After receiving third place on the show through months of stadium shows, Emei began releasing her own music on Chinese platforms and eventually performing on Dancing with the Stars of China. When Covid hit, Emei started releasing new music on American platforms, gaining media coverage on Ones to Watch, Early Rising, and Lyrical Lemonade. Emei’s single, “Late to the Party”, hit 4.1M streams after videos of her performing the song live hit a collective 9.5M views on Tiktok and Instagram Reels. This landed Emei on the cover of Fresh Finds Pop and her music on Big on the Internet, Pop Sauce, Young & Free and more. Her next single, That Girl has already reached 13K presaves with 3M views on Tiktok and Instagram Reels.

Some of her recent collaborators include Myles Avery, Gnash, Rob Auerbach, KiNG MALA, Jack Laboz, Luka Kloser, Jordan Lewis, LIIV, Pom Pom and others!