Epikker finally unveils the single that ignited extensive copyright battle with The Weeknd




After a series of unexpected hurdles that tested their tenacity, the dynamic duo Epikker made up of Suniel Fox and Henry Strange, makes a grand return with two deeply moving tracks, “VibeKing” and “VibeQueen (Rising High).” The two sonic offerings symbolize a phoenix-like rise from adversity, particularly following a regrettable turn of events after they shared their original production with Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, without considering what can only be described as a fiery legal battle. 


From the shadows of a life-altering encounter with gun violence – an incident where Fox stood up in defense of his family during a home invasion – Suniel found a therapeutic escape in the world of music. His affinity with the impassioned depth of blues legend Muddy Waters acted as a beacon, leading him to craft the melody of “VibeKing.” This melody, originating from a haunting minor chord progression on a synthesizer, soon evolved into an emblem of awakening and resilience. Working alongside Henry Strange, their combined expertise transformed “VibeKing” into a sonic tapestry of raw emotion, blending crushing kick drums and expansive reverb over claps.

The journey from being nearly killed, to meeting Henry Strange, to writing ‘VibeKing,’ to this Weeknd lawsuit, and finally meeting and collaborating with Luminiah has been such an insanely profound experience for me. I just continually pray that things keep unfolding in the most beautiful way for all.

…and I am so thrilled and proud to finally show the world the power of not only these two songs but the gem and gift to the world that is Luminiah.” – Suniel Fox

Just when “VibeKing” was poised to make waves, questions arose over the similarity to one of Abel Tesfaye’s works, “Call Out My Name,” igniting a lengthy and tiresome legal battle. Yet, every cloud has a silver lining. The turbulence surrounding “Vibeking” serendipitously led to Epikker tapping creative force and spellbinding vocalist, Luminiah. Inspired by the track’s pulsating rhythm, Luminiah lent her vocal talents, improvising over “Vibeking” and later penning the lyrics for “VibeQueen (Rising High),” a hymn about self-empowerment and reclaiming one’s essence. The sonic alliance not only rejuvenated the duo but also signified a new chapter for the duo. Through the ups and downs, Epikker emerged, emblematic of resilience and rebirth.

“I hope that ‘VibeQueen (Rising High)’ becomes the theme song for the next 007 movie.” – Henry Strange

With “VibeKing,” listeners are in for a melodic treat characterized by its atmospheric basslines and mesmerizing synthesizer elements. The chorus radiates with its distinct charm and profound emotion. The track undergoes a palpable transition that amplifies its emotive depth, offering listeners an elevating auditory experience.

Its counterpart, “VibeQueen (Rising High),” elevates the narrative further. Adding a robust dimension to the song, Luminiah’s vocals are characterized by a harmonious mix of raspy and velvety tones, painting a picture of strength and gentleness. Echoing themes of resilience, gratitude, and new beginnings, the lyrics are bolstered by a powerful bridge, adding depth to its message. Together, each production not only stands as a stellar composition but also as a symbol of empowerment and metamorphosis.

As the anticipation for the release of “VibeKing” and “VibeQueen (Rising High)” builds, Epikker‘s story stands as a beacon of hope. Their tale underscores the transformative power of music, resilience in the face of trials, and the magic that ensues when one channels adversity into creativity. Inviting listeners on this intimate journey, Epikker offers more than just melodies – they offer a story of reclamation and hope in the face of life’s tempests.

ABOUT EPIKKER – Epikker is an electronic music production duo based in Los Angeles, California. Composed of music technologist, engineer, and producer Henry Strange and electronic music producer and multi-instrumentalist, Suniel Fox, together as Epikker their unique and versatile musical backgrounds create a unique one-of-a-kind sound. Drawing its foundation from electro-house, funk, disco, and hip-hop, the sound can best be described as epic. Epikker dexterously layers live instrumentation over groovy and melodic beats. Through the music they release, Epikker hopes to recreate the human experience by weaving together a complex tapestry of emotive and dynamic musical sounds.

ABOUT SUNIEL FOX – Los Angeles-based producer, musician, and songwriter Suniel Fox powerfully bridges the gap between the electronic and live music worlds. Delivering an eclectic and forward-thinking sound, the classically trained, multi-instrumentalist is inspired by a wide variety of musical genres as well as his challenging past. A lifelong student of music, Suniel began his rise to fame as the guitarist in Rock Kills Kid, a mid-2000s band signed to Warner Brothers. First discovering electronic music while attending the Symbiosis Festival in 2008, Suniel soon after faced a traumatic near-death experience that involved being shot in the throat while fighting to protect his family during a violent home invasion. Since that time, Suniel’s mission has been to create a more connected and peaceful world through music.

Suniel has mastered an incredible emotional arc through his atmospheric tapestries that echo with heartfelt warmth. His live sets showcase his tremendous musicianship as he layers his beats with guitar solos, various synths, and soulful vocals.

ABOUT HENRY STRANGE – Henry Strange loves electronics. He is an inventor and music technologist living in Los Angeles, California. He adopted the title ‘Strange’ after the experimental artist Allen Strange, who was an early inspiration when he was studying Philosophy at USF. Henry has been a modifier of things since he can remember. From building custom speakers in high school to rebuilding the recording studios at his college, Henry has always been obsessed with sound and electronics. He is amongst the first to introduce the use of Ableton Live (a live performance software) on large-scale tours. He created a new standard for music playback systems and opened up a world of possibilities for custom control of playback music, and effects of live vocals and instruments. His well-respected reputation in the live touring industry landed him roles as Music Director, Music Programmer, and DJ on tours with Drake, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, A$AP Rocky, and Mike Posner.

Over the course of the last few years, Henry went on to develop unique software known as Setlist. This software simplifies the playback system and allows the DJ, band, or playback operator to organize and trigger the songs easily thus minimizing the margin of error. The setlist seeks to give the performer full control of the show. Along with triggering songs, Setlist fires off all of the accompanying video and lighting in perfect synchronicity. It is currently being used by over a dozen of today’s biggest acts and is available on the Strange Electronic website.

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