Erika Olson “As I Am”

“As I Am” is a grown up love song that explores the evolution of people, love, and relationships.  “This song started out with an aching need to be seen for all that I was and was becoming,” shares Erika. “But as the song evolved and I heard aching hearts yearning to be seen and to be reminded of who they once were and could still be. People change over time especially as you include complications such as children, careers, and life changes. I wanted to explore this changing nature of people, love, and relationships, and yet honor that we still carry parts of those younger years with us.  It is a bittersweet reflection on an evolving love between two committed partners.

Friend and fellow musician Dan Raza helped bring the song to life. He even lends his gorgeous voice and tender heart with the world on this collaboration. 

Erika Olson, an American Expat, raises babies and writes songs in the high weald of East Sussex.  Erika combines vulnerable vocals, contemporary storytelling, and musical influences spanning indie, folk, country, blues, Americana and pop.  When pressed to describe her music, Erika likes to call it “folk with a beat.”

On the verge of self-releasing her debut album, it has taken Erika several iterations of herself to get here.  She’s learned that change is her constant and her power is her ability to start again. Over the past five and half years, Erika’s babies and her music have grown up side by side.  She used the calm moments in the sea of chaos – to hone her craft, study, practice, record, and perform. She’s amassed a robust catalog of original indie folk material that explores the aching beauty shrouded in the mundane and everyday.

Rooted in the stuff of ordinary life, Erika’s songs bear witness to the glorious and devastating moments that can only be seen when we slow down. She sings to look deeper, see clearer, and know better. Her music is here to wake us up to our precious and unique lives. 

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