Yutao “Midnight Summer”

While Yutao was driving on highway 1 along with the breeze and the sunset, the words “midnight summer” suddenly came to him. The perception of time suddenly slowing down made him appreciate how precious the moments are. Happiness can be simple and it’s something that only you can discover from inner peace.  “The lyrics ‘Feeling like 80 miles losing control,’ was the moment that I was trying to describe when everything seems slowing down and allows me to appreciate the moment much more,” shares Yutao. “Also realize, we run too fast during our day-to-day life and oftentimes forget to appreciate the simple yet beautiful things.”

Bedroom indie-pop artist Yutao Huang never felt at ease in China where he was born—he always longed for ideals he felt were embodied by Western culture. When he finally came to the States, he tried to stay true to his tradition, and infused his native Eastern culture with Western culture. Slowly, the pair of seemingly very different ideals melded into a personal outlook for Yutao reflected in his delicately gorgeous, electro-pop.

“I live and create in a limbo state. Both Eastern and Western perspectives have shaped me, and, while I see the value in both outlooks, I feel a dissonance inside. If I draw a circle between East and West, I live in the center, but, through creating music, I have found a home,” Yutao shares. 

Yutao’s songs are emotive but elusive, with lyrics that explore frustration, lost love, identity, wanting to belong, and music that is delicately dense with lush ambience and airy melodies. His aesthetic evokes alternative electro-pop artist keishi, and the vibrant scene of young Asian musicians around the 88rising record label.

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