Ewan J Phillips ‘I’m Yours’

Ewan J Phillips has gone from strength to strength since his first release in 2018. Last year saw the notable release of his debut album Born Survivor which elevated Ewan’s career both creatively, and in growing his fanbase – including additions to playlists such as ‘The Most Beautiful songs in the World’ on Spotify. Since then, recent writing trips to LA have determined the next chapter of his journey, as he readies himself for his sophomore album. In the meantime his timely new release I’m Yours comes ahead of his wedding with collaborator and now soulmate, fellow musician Freya Ridings.


I’m Yours is a raw sounding piano track where vulnerability is a virtue. Ewan expresses the complexities of love with beautiful metaphors and evocative imagery. This intimate love note is performed with a passion that can only be expressed by having experienced true love. We all have our own story, Ewan timestamps his courageous leap into Love. with a classic piano ballad. The lyrics depict a moment in time that remains introspective and honest throughout. The song continues to develop through a crescendo which feels symbolic to love’s ability to evoke our emotion.op through a crescendo which feels symbolic to love’s ability to evoke our emotion.

On the track Ewan says:

“I’m lucky enough to be marrying the woman of my dreams, the one and only Freya Ridings. It means everything to me that we get to be the best versions of ourselves and thrive side by side. This is for her.”

I’m Yours will be released on the 11th of November and will be accompanied by a music video providing a visual representation of the romantic song ahead of the wedding. 


Ewan J Phillips, independently released his debut album ‘Born Survivor’ and managed to find his fanbase, Accruing 15+ million streams. Ewan has also played iconic London venues like The Hammersmith Apollo, The Troubadour and has played many a Sofar Sounds. 

In between albums, Ewan has been a keen writer/producer and has been collaborating with Freya Ridings (Good Soldier) on her second album and Lola Young(LiveNation/Island Records) / Paul Epworth on upcoming breakthrough singles. In early 2022, as soon as it was possible Ewan travelled to Los Angeles and spent a month writing and producing with seasoned pros thanks to his publisher (Day One Songs – Nick Huggett (Adele) and Nick Shymansky (Amy Winehouse). Putting the final touches to his second Album, I’m Yours is a stand-out lead single that celebrates the upcoming November Wedding bells. 

Akin to Jack Antanoff, Ryan Tedder, Joel Pott, Ewan aspires to front his own Artistic projects whilst also writing hits with upcoming and established pop stars. A tried and tested formula, 2023 bodes well to Ewan and his upcoming music releases.