PAUL2000 drops vibrant and exciting debut hip-hop single ‘Super Dope’

PAUL2000 is an example of an artist who has truly found himself. The Chicago based rapper has been making beats since his school years, with it first of all being a thing to do for fun with his friends, before a near death experience changed his whole outlook on life and how to approach it. Fulfilment is something we all strive for, and Paul realised after his formative years that music was the thing that made him tick.

Freestyling from a young age, Paul was heavily inspired by the great Eminem when growing up, with his lyrical ability impacting the way he thought about rapping. After many struggles out of his control, Paul eventually found time and space last year to look through hundreds upon hundreds of beats on YouTube, then writing lyrics and rapping or singing to them.

Six months and over one hundred songs later, Paul had got himself into a headspace which was fixated and focused. He then hooked up with a producer in Chicago who saw his potential and before they knew it, were having studio sessions weekly resulting in a plethora of material ready to release.

The first instalment of PAUL2000’s musical journey is ‘Super Dope’, a track which feels like the perfect introduction to his craft. A modernised approach to hip-hop, Paul has the seamless ability to switch between singing and rapping, alongside a stylish production which is highly catchy and brings a real pop rap vibe too. 

Melodically flowing from the off, Paul has gone through things that many artists haven’t, and he channels all of this energy into something that sticks. There’s so much to enjoy in ‘Super Dope’, Pauls’ brilliant lyricism, the floaty production and beats, the vintage feeling to the whole track, it all brings an aura of a track that would have been a bit both in the 2000s and in the modern day.

Paul says “After finally reaching a point where I started to slowly get better, I rediscovered my passion for hip hop and making music. The hook starts off with“Ya you know I gotta go and hit the road, no more time to waste cos time ain’t moving slow”. With losing so many years of my life I feel like I need to push as hard as I can to reach my goals in a short amount of time.”

PAUL2000 is a shining example that no matter what challenges you are faced with, there is always a saving grace and for Paul it was music. The artist name is taken from him buying his first ever car last year, a Honda S2000 which holds a special place for him in his heart, and it seems like PAUL2000 could be at the start of something very special indeed.