Exclusive Interview from VIZE & Anna Grey

FYS : Hey VIZE and Anna, thanks so much for chatting with us!

Both artists: First off, where did the inspiration for ‘Way Back Home’ come from and what drew the
inclusion of Anna to the track?

VIZE: We actually got a demo from a songwriter and fell in love with her version immediately. We
made a couple of adjustments and were looking for the right vocalist to sing it. Anna came into the
studio and after the 1st recording, we knew it must be her.

FYS For Vize: You guys have become synonymous with the European (And worldwide) representation of dance music, with your sound taking on house, big-room and more; was it always your desire to
produce this style of music?

VIZE: It developed like this. Before there was VIZE, I (Vitali) was producing for the likes of Helene
Fischer, Wincent Weiss, Gestört aber GeiL, and many more. At one point, I decided to produce music
for an own artist project, ‚Glad You Came‘ came along and the rest is history.

FYS : What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

VIZE: The proudest moment is a difficult question. We are glad to meet all these people that you were
once cheering for, such as Tokio Hotel or Dieter Bohlen. Now we are working, producing or just
chatting with them on a daily basis.

FYS : You’ve also had many successful charting tracks across airplay and digital charts – when producing music, do you always aim to crack these type of aims and gain this recognition? Does this feel like a ‘milestone’ reached when a track gains success on a commercial level, for you guys?

VIZE: It really depends on the song. There are songs which we really think could work well
commercially, others are club tracks or particularly for a certain market such as Russia or Germany.
Nevertheless, we are always glad to see our songs charting, no doubts about that.
Now that shows are back on the agenda post-COVID, have you had a chance to get back on the road?
And, please tell us, what differs in your style of sets between festivals and club shows?
Johannes: I’m really happy being able to play shows again. For the last 3-4 months, I’ve been
traveling almost every weekend to e.g. Austria, Poland, Croatia, Turkey, the UK. It’s like eating ice
cream after a very long winter.

FYS : As a DJ, you have to adjust to the people who are at your show and that differs from country, city,
festival or club. At the end, it always comes down to the crowd.And finally, what is next for you as we approach the end of 2021?

VIZE : More music releases haha. There will be a few things that we cannot announce yet but will be
unexpected as usual.


FYS For Anna: Hey Anna, how was it to work with the boys on ‘Way Back Home’?

ANNA : Heyy! It was great. I moved to Berlin this summer and already in my first week here we’ve spent a couple days writing & making music together. That’s also where Way Back Home came to life. Vitali and Johannes are fun to be around, they made it so easy for me to have a fresh start.

FYS : We know you are a vocalist first and foremost, but have you always had an interest in electronic

ANNA : Haha well to be honest, this is my very first step out of my “comfort zone” music wise. As a Singer/Songwriter most of my songs were guitar based (since it’s my main instrument) and production wise I always tried to stay as simple & acoustic as possible – until now. I’d say that my love for electronic music started when I first heard the demo’s of the songs that we wrote together in the studio. My goal with every song is to make the listener feel something & I think most of the time my songs were a bit melancholic, but now it just feels good to see people dancing, being happy and having a beautiful time to the song .

FYS : We understand this is your debut release, congratulations! Please introduce our audience to how you build up your name in Germany and what is next in line for you as we close out the year?

ANNA : Thank you! I was born with the passion for music, singing & writing songs, as well as dancing and acting. Since I was 5 years old I played in small musicals and used every chance to be on stage. When I turned 18 I started playing main roles in a theater in Hamburg and I was working on my music full time. I’ve been to Nashville a few times for writing and recording sessions, as well as Stockholm. In
2019 I‘ve won the german TV Show ‘My Hit. Your Song.’ in which I covered 2 Dance songs by ace of
base and turned them into acoustic versions.Well this year I moved to berlin and here we are!
Actually there’s something coming very soon. We’ve been working on many different songs and some
collaborations will still be released this year.

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