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Exclusive Interview with : HHats

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Photo Credit By : Claudio Soto

The U.S.A -born singer-songwriter has perfected the recipe for stunningly Bossa Nova,Celtic and Gipsy gems, a feat that, as far as we’re concerned, can only be accomplished by sheer magic. HHats has been traveling across the country, will release her new album ‘Wheel Of Fortune’, earlier May 2019. You got a sense she knows who she is and she’s willing to share herself with her fans…We ll proceeded to ask questions to understand what kind of artist HHats is and what kind of image she wants audiences to leave with. Here’s what she had to say.

  • For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words:

HHats : I guess i would choose storm ,fire,mountain ,rain,&wind.Storm because the need i have to take out all my fury.

Fire all my sensuality,Mountain the travels and diferent places i have lived in Rain all my tears ,Wind is my freedom.

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  • So, what’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t writing/producing/playing etc?

HHats :  I love Origami,i released my own book in 2014 .I love paper folding art and i must confess

I´m a follower and a  fan of japanese culture.

I love to make handcraft with my hands,i often make my own jewelery like earrings and stuff.

  • Who are your biggest musical influences?

HHats : Its difficult because i always prefer other people say , how my music  sounds like.The first album i bought when i was 9 years was Depeche Mode´s personal jesus.I like different styles of music and i pick up many pieces of different countries.Balkanic and Flamenco have been an important part of my life.I listen to Balkanic & Gipsy music when i want to dance and laugh,Making me feel  happy.I admire Balkan Bangers,Taraf de Haidokus,Goran Bregovic,Gypsy Kings,Fanfare Ciorcalia.

Brazilian Bossa Nova has influenced my music too.South america conects me with that music and you can listen to it on my others albums.Bossa make me feel in peace,is what i compose when im at the beach drinking something sweet and delicious.I love Os Tincaos ,Joao Gilberto,Caetano Veloso,Toquinho,Chico Buarque.

From Bossa nova came out non typical chords and non typical rthyms that i reproduce on the bandoneon and the result is gipsy with african drums …that sound little celtic when you combine both

Old songs of american cartoon has a lot of influence in my music, the oldest that were popular in the 20s.

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  • You write all of your own music; where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs and what’s your favorite part about the proccess?

HHats : Music is the most important part of my life and i listen to all available music in the market.It connects me with  emotions.I always choose bossa nova in everything i compose.The chords have always been non-typical tensions that i combine with the rhthym i want to dance at that moment.

First i compose the chords sequence ,then the melody i want to sing,and then, the words and lyrics that have to fit soft and naturally in the melody.

The best part is dancing to my own music.If doesnt make me dance  for at least 2 or 3 days  in a row, so then i hate it ,and I put it away .

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  • What’s coming up for you, HHats? What are you working on now and where do you feel your music and your producing is headed?

HHats : Wheel of Fortune was something i needed to finish and dance the whole entire album for myself. Wheel of fortune was  my gipsy side. Then i missed pop very much so i picked up guitar and piano once again .Im recording a pop album right now were you can feel the bossa ballad pop-fusion.Also i decided to include 2 singles in spanish:One for each time i failed as a spanish pop artist before i decided to play gipsy in english and people know me because of that.

The title of that album will be released in 2019 and its name is Guit-air. A game of words of Air and Guitar.It has  8 new songs in pop fusion style .

HHats - Wheel Of Fortune Empire Studio Records

Artist: HHats
Title: Wheel Of Fortune
Catalog number: EMPSR094
Label: Empire Studio Records
Pre Order: 2019-04-05
Pre Release Shop: Apple iTunes
Release date: 2019-05-03, Friday

  • Ten years from now you will be….

HHats : I hope to be releasing my tenth album (Lot of laughs) really im not worried about it.In ten years i hope to make 10 different tours in 10 different countries, promoting my music,and keep composing because i always need new music to dance to. New things to get inspired.New places new energy,new sounds.

In ten years i hope to keep on dancing,singing ,laughing and traveling.

Things i dont have regrets about are :The battle for being myself and be brave to release my music as i want it to be. dont change my natural beauty for being embraced.My two beautiful sons and husband.


FYS : HHats, thank you so much for your time! We really appreciate your candid answers and all of the free love!