Londam Records are pleased to welcome Jan Steiner to the label. Jan has released on Traum Schallplatten and Mesh and here he gives us two delicious downtempo organic cuts. 

‘Meet Her At The Jazzkantine has an infectious swung groove supporting a pulsing layer which is certain to get people moving. In the second half a soaring flute takes the track to a completely new and optimistic space. Call of Abnoba maintains the vibe with a sumptuous mix of rich sounds and atmospheric leads over an ever evolving groove. Easy to get lost in!

Two cutting edge tunes perfect for a day set or chilled party under the stars. With the EP out now, we caught up with him for a chat. 

Hi, thank you for taking the time to chat with us today! How has the year been treating you so far?

You’re very welcome. 2023 has been good so far albeit somewhat crazy mental. I’m not sure is it some sort of “post covid catching up” or so but it feels as if the whole year is already totally booked, planned, and scheduled. 

Where do you think the impulse to create music comes from for you?

Music has been such an integral part of me for as long as I can remember. In a way it has been my longest and best friend. It feels completely normal and natural for me to express myself and my feelings in music and with music. 

Tell us about your current studio set up – any particular bits of go-to kit you find yourself returning to?

My studio set up is currently changing. It used to be 100% “in the box” using Ableton and Reason as well as a huge number of VSTs and Plugins. I certainly respond to the innate and primitive “hunter & gatherer” gene and like to seek out and collect equipment!  I am thrilled and fascinated like a little child by all sorts of gear. 

I had set myself some limitation not to break into hardware because of the huge price and money difference compared to VSTs, plugins and apps but as you can imagine the fascination for hardware was just too big. So, apart from a huge collection of pretty much everything from Native Instruments and Arturia I am particularly in love with everything from Slate + Ash. 

I love my Moog Grandmother and I’m currently experimenting with the Grandmother and my latest additions: a Hologram Microcosm and a Chase Bliss Mood. 

How would you describe your latest release – there seem to be a range of influences on show across the two tracks… 

“Meet her at the Jazzkantine” actually started like a lot of my tracks, i.e. by chance. I had been particularly fascinated by Granular synthesis and this is how the initial motive started. I really liked the Jazz-like feeling to it. The story that evolved with it in my mind was that of two teenagers meeting at a fun fair in front of a tent where some cool music plays. The break with the kind of Glockenspiel motive is when they first shyly meet. The energy they feel generated by their attraction to each other then leads to the Jazz flute- which I particularly love. 

“Call of Abnoba” is more organic house influenced. The idea that inspired that was of reawakening nature in spring when the Goddess of forests and rivers (Abnoba) calls. 

Do you work well when collaborating with other artists? Or do you prefer to go at it alone in the studio? 

Both have their pros and cons. Apart from making music with my wife who has a beautiful voice I used to go at it alone in the studio. I’m still quite happy to do so as I can really let myself go wherever the mood and inspiration leads me to in the moment. One of the few positive things about COVID was an increase of musicians publishing on YouTube, setting up Patreon and Discord, etc. Through those channels I have recently started to collaborate with several other artists. And I have to say: it is a lot of fun!  

Which artists are currently exciting or inspiring you?

Gosh, where to start?! There are such an enormous amount of fantastic artists and musicians out there who are truly exciting and inspiring. I guess, in the last while it has been Oora who’s live sessions are really magic, David Hilowitz whose YouTube channel I love, Jay Hosking (dito), Neil Cowley, Ben Lukas Boysen, Tom Ashbrook, Keinseier and of course the “old” constant inspirations such as Stimming, Robag Wruhme, Hainbach, Kiasmos… 

What should we expect from you for the rest of 2023?

A lot, of course 😊 I’ll be releasing at least two upcoming remixes, another slightly harder techno track published by a new local label in Galway, another track on the next Tour de Traum, possibly another EP with Londam. I had initially planned to play live at the 25-year anniversary of Traum but unfortunately had to cancel it due to too many things going on. And me not being comfortable enough to perform live. Yet!