Exclusive Interview with : JEBROER

FYS : Hi Jebroer. What made you first get into electronic music? Who are your inspirations?

JEBROER : When I started making music, it was pure hiphop about my fucked up life, haha! Then i heard a new upcoming sound, I think it was ‘Opgezwolle’ or ‘The Opposites’ and the biggest Dutch acts at that moment, they made this kind of electronic hiphop. Dance kicks and synths on hiphop BPM’s and I loved it. Around the same time i got in touch with Boaz van de beatz, he co produced a lot of the stuff that i was looking up to when we started creating new sounds and mixing a lot of music styles together. 

FYS : Your tracks like ‘Symphony’ and ‘Kind van de Duivel’ have been streamed millions of times, but how do you approach writing your lyrics and productions?

JEBROER : I let the music direct me. It brings me in the right vibe and i just start freestyling till I come up with the right hook. I have recorded so much music that i know what I’m doing in the studio but I’m not a guy who’s sitting in the studio for many hours – been there, done that. If it doesn’t happen naturally and quickly, I’m outta there.

FYS : Your release ‘Child Of The Devil’ also caused some controversy between some onlookers with the supposed themes of the record – tell us your side of the story and what you intended the message to be?

JEBROER : I got into problem with the Christian community in different countries because they think I wanted people to believe in the Devil. I even got banned at some festivals. I was headlining in the news because children where singing the song at school and parents that told the children that they where children of god came home and sang “I am a child of the Devil”. Priests came together and  sent a letter to the government to prohibit the song! It only got bigger and bigger. And every time they asked me if the song was against Christians I told them NO! This song is about ME! I am a child of the devil, I’m a rebel in my heart and I really want to listen to the angels on my shoulder but I got in a lot of trouble with listening to the devil on my other shoulder. And when I die, celebrate my life. I was a trouble child but it made me what I am today and I’m proud of me. I came a long way and always tell people that you first have to believe in yourself before you can explore what religion connects the best with you as a person. I came where I am with believing in myself, even when people talked me down.

FYS : Your new single ‘Bad Boy’ is a little different than the hard style we know you for, tell us about the track and how you created it with Eva Simons.
Do you enjoy collaborating with other artists?

JEBROER : Yes it is, but it’s still me. I made this demo half a year ago – I liked it but it needed a little more sauce. I was looking for a international vocal but couldn’t find the right match, then me and my team where thinking and came up with the best idea ever – lets call Eva! She heard the demo and killed it on the same night. We then shot the super-cool video and the rest is history. 

FYS : Please tell us about your favourite collaboration in your career so far and why, and who is your dream artist you’d like to work with?

JEBROER : I think I like them all. Everyone has a different energy and a different story behind how we made the tracks. I have worked with the biggest names and feel honored, Yellowclaw, Paul Elstak, Blasterjaxx, Harris & Ford, Timmy Trumpet, Boaz and more. Awesome! 

I’m also in talks right now about a crazy collab that is hopefully coming out at the end of this year, or the beginning of 2022. I can’t give you the name yet but you better be ready!

FYS : How is the scene in Holland for the style of music you make?

JEBROER : The biggest people of the dance industry come from holland. I was in school with Martin Garrix and I can call Armin van Buuren my neighbor. Crazy. Holland is the perfect place to get big and do the test to see if you’re ready for the world. I AM! 
FYS :What is it about the European crowds that means a Jebroer release gets them wild?

JEBROER : I always come up with something crazy you don’t expect. I love being involved in the marketing and promo plans to release my music because I have so many ideas and I’m always up to something. 

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