Lenny Lorenzi aka LENny (IT), is a Romagna native born in 1990, developed a profound passion for electronic music from a young age. As a teenager, he embarked on his journey, delivering captivating DJ sets and producing his own music. By the age of seventeen, Lenny found himself behind the decks at Titilla, the exclusive venue located in Cocoricò, Riccione. This marked the beginning of an extraordinary adventure that swiftly propelled him to perform at prestigious venues such as Sankeys in Ibiza, Macarena in Barcelona, Output in New York, and Clevelander in Miami. Naturally, he also graced the stages of renowned clubs along the iconic Romagna Riviera.

With previous releases on labels like Natura Viva, G-Mafia Records, 7AGE Music, LENny (IT) now lands on Sony Italy offshoot Reload Records with Power: a slick, melodic, deep house cut with a soaring vocal and intoxicating atmosphere.

Hi, thank you for taking the time to chat with us today! How has the year been treating you so far?

Good, back to work, moved in nyc last winter and it’s seems that after a covid bad moment world is coming back to normality. I am spending a lot of time in studio also producing many EP’s and an Album too…

Where do you think the impulse to create music comes from for you?

It came like a necessity, always starting from a set, or a situation. I don’t go in studio just for making music. Usually I need an external inspiration.

Can you remember the state of mind you were in when you sat down to create Running?

Yes for sure, just felt in love, because all start with love and that day I was in contact with my current girlfriend and I was lucky enough to feel again that feeling. 

Could you share some insights into your approach for creating the atmospheric textures and spatial effects that contribute to the immersive experience of Running?

I usually start from a note scale, and create a bottom arp with Virus Polar to give me that ambience that will ask in automatic to arrange a Main Lead synth and efx pad to give to the track a full range of frequency. Also the main error sometimes is don’t leave the space for vocal. The lead voice need a space to be remembered to the final listener. Anyway usually I use 6/7/8 synths and pad to create that strong atmosphere. 

Tell us about your current studio set up – any particular bits of go-to kit you find yourself returning to?

I have a midi all connections of ROLAND 707/808/909 + Juno + Sub37 and a Virus Polar. I use a lot of machine inside my drums for give more dynamic to the groove. Virtual machine are ok, but really synths play and sounds completely different. I also super in love with my Speakers (Focal) they do all the rest…

As a producer immersed in the electronic music scene in Italy, what notable characteristics or trends do you observe that set the Italian scene apart from others globally? 

The KICK! Italians are in love with deep melody and long break, but I am not Italian in that part of track built! Lol! Anyway yes they love the drop with a strong bassline and kick. 

Which artists are currently exciting or inspiring you?

Keinemusik, Gorgon City and Whomadewho, are some of them I believe in the evolution of the music! Let’s give space to musician and not just a studio tracks! 

What should we expect from you for the rest of 2023?

A lot of release and for the end or start of 2024 I will have ready a new album. Stay tuned…

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