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Exclusive Interview with Matisse & Sadko

matisse & sadko ile ilgili görsel sonucu"

F.Y.S: What did the journey bending genres and finding the Matisse & Sadko sound mean for you and what do you think were some of your guys’ favorite moments exploring music at the time?

M&S: We’ve always listened to and been inspired by the music which belongs to various genres. At the time we worked separately and experimented on such styles as Lounge, Hip-Hop, Drum’n’Bass, Trance and others. With the emergence of the trend started by Swedish House Mafia we realized that we enjoy that combination of melodiousness and “big room” effect in their works. And when we got to know that our music was supported at big festivals and when we saw the reaction of people, we made a firm decision to move on in this direction as well. 

Matisse & Sadko ile ilgili görsel sonucu"

F.Y.S: Which track was one of your favorites to produce on?

M&S: Each track takes much time. Production of a single track may take up to a year sometimes.This is a labour-intensive process as we mix our tracks on our own without any sound engineers. But we can definitely say that it was pleasure to work on “Forever” with Martin Garrix as we finished it within a week.

F.Y.S: Can you describe the ‘Fade Away’ of Matisse & Sadko’s signature sound and what it means to you?

M&S: We tried to combine our signature sound and radio-friendly pop format. We want to make more tracks which could be heard on the radio, not just at the festivals or in the clubs.

matisse & sadko fade away ile ilgili görsel sonucu"

F.Y.S: Moving forward throughout 2019, what can fans expect from how you guys may continue evolving or additional collaborations coming up past Fade Away?

M&S: Currently we’re working on something really unexpected. Next year we’d like to release a few Disco tracks. We’re expecting that Disco music will become trendy again in EDM sphere. But of course, we keep on making Progressive House tracks as well, so all the fans of our classic sound won’t be disappointed, too. 

F.Y.S: What has been your inspirations as DJs, producers and singers ? What goes into your creative process as a duo and what originally influenced your musical and visual style and continues to do so today?

M&S: As we already mentioned, we listen to different music, we are inspired by music as a whole. We attend different multigenre events. Thanks to music, we can overcome language barriers and share our emotions and feelings with people around the world. Music is a universal language of the mankind. 

F.Y.S: Finally, what have been the challenges you’ve both faced as  producers in the EDM scene and how have you overcome them? What advice can you give other aspiring artists of any kind who are working in this industry?

M&S: Nowadays it’s pretty hard to work alone. Any artist who’s gaining popularity, needs a team, needs those people who can inspire you, who are comfortable to work with, who do not impose their views. You are the creators. Do what your soul wants.