FYS : Hi R7CKY, thank you for taking the time to chat with me today! How has the past year been for you? Did the pandemic affect your ability to create music in any way?

R7CKY : The past year has been very difficult for me. Because of the Covid-19, I’ve only received two gigs in a whole year! You know the market was still good a few years ago. But fortunately, I have more time to stay in my bedroom and write more music!

FYS : How does it feel to release “Lost & Found” on Monstercat? 

R7CKY : It’s like a dream come true. When I first tried to make electronic music about eight years ago, I was hoping that my music would be released on a world-famous music label one day. I’ve been working on it for a long time, and I’m lucky that I made it this time!

FYS : What was it like to work with Feint? 

R7CKY : I was very excited to work with an excellent producer like Feint. I already knew this name when I was just getting into electronic music. I met him when he was touring in China about three years ago. It was a very unforgettable experience. We went to the festival in Sanya and Chengdu, and when I asked a lot of questions about music production, he gave me a lot of advice and helped with it.

FYS : What was the inspiration behind the track? Is there a story behind it or a deeper meaning for you?

R7CKY : Just like the title “Lost and Found,” I have seen many people lose their relatives and friends during the pandemic over the past two years. But, I have also seen many people still holding on quietly. We have lost a lot but also gained a lot during the pandemic. I hope that through this song, we can feel the power to overcome all the difficulties in front of us.

FYS : Can you tell me about your background and where your musical inspiration comes from? When did you decide electronic music was the genre you were going to pursue?

R7CKY : I first listened to electronic music in 2012 (Actually, I had never heard this style before). When I first heard electronic music on Billboard, I fell in love with this feeling. From the beginning as an ordinary listener to a raver to music producer, I’ve especially enjoyed the surprise and joy brought to me by it. Usually, my stuff is inspired by my real-life experiences. I love to travel and record what I see and hear in the form of sound. It’s like writing a journal or an essay. I also watch some animes and documentaries to get inspiration.

FYS : Lastly, what does the rest of 2022 look like for you? Any more music or performances we can look forward to?

R7CKY : I spent a lot of time and energy on my creative work in 2021, preparing an album and an EP, both of which are scheduled to be released this year. I have summarized my past experience and said goodbye to my past self to welcome my new self. Therefore, I hope you can expect and support my works to be released this year and in the future!

R7CKY Bio:

R7CKY is a musician /DJ from Shanghai. From the early PROGRESSIVE HOUSE to FUTURE BASS to MIDTEMPO, he is always seeking breakthroughs in the music road, integrating different elements and creating his own music world. Now, he arranges, composes, writes lyrics, sings all by himself, and completes a series of work such as post-production, master-recording, and mixing all by himself, marching towards the direction of an all-around musician. Since its debut in 2016, R7CKY has participated in large-scale performances including Shenzhen Jungle Electronic Music Festival, EMP Electronic Music Festival, SANYA ISY Electronic Music Festival, Strawberry Music Festival, and so on. He has been invited as a guest speaker for ALAN WALKER, PORTER ROBINSON, ILLENIUM, and other internationally renowned producers. R7CKY’s music has been played more than 200 million times on Wangyi Cloud Music.

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