In a harmonious fusion of nature’s rhythms and electronic beats, London-based producer Talal invites you on a captivating journey with his latest release, “Vice”. This EP, enriched with deep house elements, takes you on an immersive musical experience that transcends boundaries and resonates with the soul. 

With the EP out now, we caught up with the producer for a chat. 

Hi, thank you for taking the time to chat with us today! How has the year been treating you so far?

Thanks for having me on your channel, it’s been a nice year played some interesting places Night Tales with Golden Hour, Family Piknik festival in southern France, Silver & Smoke Sarajevo etc.. last month had two tracks at #3 (JOOF and Mioli Music) in Beatport editorial charts and one track at #1 in Beatport editorial the month prior (Family Piknik Music).

Where do you think the impulse to create music comes from for you? 

No idea just seemed like something I felt I could do well and to a high standard.

Were there any specific inspirations on your new single VICE? 

Was just trying some new percussion sounds that had a more 1980s feel.

Tell us how you hooked up with Tanzgemeinschaft on this release? 

Was in touch with Claudio previously and we were discussing I think ADE and discussing a demo at the same time or similar time, either way those kind of happened simultaneously.

Tell us about your current studio set up – any particular bits of go-to kit you find yourself returning to? 

Mostly the access virus, sylenth and a few other small items. 

Which artists are currently exciting or inspiring you? 

To be very honest I do not listen to as much of other artists music as I used to since I am mostly writing and editing most of the time, however Nihil Young is doing fantastic work.

What have been some of your more memorable live performances from 2023? 

Family Piknik in southern France was perhaps one of the most well organized festivals / management I have ever encountered in any country – Ludo and Tom Pooks have a great team. In Sarajevo with Silver & Smoke I played for about an hour just my own latest songs and unreleased items and it was great to see the engagement, the remaining hour I did a broader catalog.

What should we expect from you for the rest of 2023 and into next year? 

For now I will be playing with Silver Smoke Oct 21, am hopefully trying to schedule an event with Istanbul (Future Forward), and there is Basing House in London Dec 30 with Dance Love Hub. For now I am in discussions for about 3 or so releases early 2024, one of which will be with Integral Breads Univack label.

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