Experimental Bass Producer/DJ isqa Releases ‘i 4ove you’ EP on HypnoVizion REZZ Enlists Long-Time Friend for First External Release on Her Label

Today, isqa releases EP ‘i 4ove you,’ an ambitious return to the producer/DJ’s roots in experimental bass music, on HypnoVizion. Dance music powerhouse and label boss REZZ hand picked isqa, a friend and collaborator since 2014, for the first HypnoVizion release aside from her own. 

Stream ‘i4ove you’ here

Jordan Orcaz, from Southern California, first adopted the name isqa in 2013 with the release of a 10-track debut album titled Tetraform. A handful of EPs on DUSTLA, remixes and independent releases followed before Orcaz decided to shift gears and focus on a new project. ‘No Mana,’ the second project from Orcaz, showed a transition from the left-field sound of isqa to productions revolving around melodies, vocals and dance-centric rhythms. 

“REZZ and I became friends in 2014 when she shot me a message on SoundCloud – which is a trip to go back and read considering how far she’s gone (she was 10 months into producing when we started talking). At the time I was transitioning into mainly making music as No Mana, but I owe it to her for supporting my weird side in her sets and inspiring me to restart the project again.” – isqa

Now curating the sound of her label HypnoVizion, which launched in October 2022, REZZ has enlisted isqa for the first release aside from her own. Having seen incredible success with sold-out venues, headlining festival slots and praise from global press, REZZ is eager to share some of her good fortune with artists who she worked with and gained inspiration from in her early days.  

HypnoVizion, is the perfect home for ‘i 4ove you, an eerie, unpredictable soundscape of heavy bass, emotive melodies, and shredded hooks. The focus track ‘mycelium faceplant’ features ethereal vocals from fknysd that guide the rising and falling of isqa’s chime and static-filled production. 

REZZ first started to lure Orcaz back to his roots in dark, experimental electronic music when she played an old isqa track, “Ghosts”, at Electric Daisy Carnival 2022, catching the attention of her fans. Orcaz spent the following 5 months producing a 30-minute audio-visual project, “i should’ve been dead,” to premiere new music under the isqa title, and continued to build up a catalog of unreleased tracks before joining HypnoVizion for the release of ‘i 4ove you.’

REZZ invites you to join her in the soundtrack of the void with isqa’s ‘i 4ove you’ EP.

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